Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Here & Now | October 2017 Link Up

October has crept up on me, and I suddenly realised this morning that it is the tenth, which means it's time for the Here & Now link up again. I've not been taking as many photos as I usually do lately, as I'm still getting accustomed to the new camera, so I hope you'll enjoy the handful I have to share today.
As always, I'd love for you to blog your own Here & Now if you want to, the instructions for which are at the end of this post.

Loving // The little pile of handspun yarn that is slowly, slowly growing. There are stark differences between each skein, and I don't yet know what I'm going to do with some of them.

Eating // More salads and yoghurt as the weather starts to warm

Drinking // Lots of water in this dry weather

Feeling // Confused by the weather - it was cold last night and more than a bit chilly this morning! I've no doubt it will warm up later but still, this Spring is being a bit unreliable!

Making // I actually haven't knitted anything for several days. I was feeling uninspired and unable to commit to any new projects, but after an unintended break for a few days, I think I shall cast on a gift today that I'm excited to make. I'm also making yarn, slowly, as I continue to learn to spin.

Thinking // About the ornament swap and the little bundles yarn I plan to make in the shop for it, and wondering if I should close sign ups or leave them open. Over 60 emails (and counting) is a lot to send in one day...hmmm

Dreaming // Of a roadtrip

Now, what are you up to? Share with a Here & Now post of your own, either on your blog, Instagram or even in the comments below! It's a fun way of documenting the little things month to month, and also a good way to get the words flowing again if you're feeling a bit stuck with your blogging (well it works for me at least!).
The link-up is open from today until midnight on the 17th of this month. Remember you can now join in two ways - either on your blog or share your Here & Now on Instagram! The instructions on how to Instagram your Here & Now are below, but here are the guidelines for blogging:

Copy and paste the list below, create your blog post, then pop back here and add your link! (Please remember to link back here in your post too so that others can join in!)

Copy & Paste....

Loving //
Eating //
Drinking //
Feeling //
Making //
Thinking //
Dreaming //

To share on Instagram, pick up to 3 prompts from the list above and post them on Instagram with the tag #hereandnowSLH. You can tag me @SayLittleHen too if you like.

I can't wait to see your posts! Thank-you so much for joining in. Remember to spread the link-up love by visiting the other participants.

The link-up is open until the midnight on the 17th.

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  1. That yarn is beautiful. I can't wait to see where it ends up! I also noticed you have been reading a Katie Fforde book. She is my absolute favourite and I have read many of here books more than once. I hope you are enjoying xx

    1. Thank you Kate!
      That's the first Katie Fforde book I've read and I absolutely loved it! It was such an enjoyable, heartwarming story. I'd like to get some more of her books now :-)

  2. Hello! I've just found you and your blog! I think I'm going to enjoy reading your writings and witnessing your creativity. I have signed up to your ornament swap too and am quite excited about it! Thank you :)

    1. Hi Jaime! Thank you so much for your lovely words, and I'm so excited you've joined the ornament swap! x

  3. I've done my post :) You can read it here: https://createundertheoak.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/here-and-now-october-2017.html

    It's my new blog so still undergoing construction, but please pop by x

    1. Thank you for joining in Larissa! I loved your post x

  4. One of these months I'll get around to participating! I love that pink yarn - such a happy color :)

  5. I sometimes get myself into a little creative block as well and struggle to get motivated to start/finish something or inspired about a new project. A little break is good - be easy on yourself.

    Loving the handspun yarn. Amazing!

    I will look forward to seeing everyone's creations for your ornament swap, but I still haven't taught myself to knit or crochet (I know!) so won't be joining in. Hope you get great engagement and lots of fun surprises.

    1. Thank you Laura! The swap is at the fun bit now with everyone having their partners sorted, I'm hoping to see lots of ornaments :-)

  6. I wonder where your road trip would take you, Sarah? Would you take the coast road, drive through mountains or perhaps head inland to the drier bush country? Love the colour of your yarn, so pretty! Meg:)

    1. Thank you Meg! I think perhaps a road trip would have to involve a bit of all those, the starting point automatically includes mountains :-)

  7. Gorgeous yarns! Hope your mojo returned.

    1. Thank you Meredithe! My mojo has certainly returned and I'm battling with the problem of only having two hands, and thus only being able to knit on one project at a time :-)

  8. Beautiful Photos. What is your new camera? I really like the colors..
    I wish you a very nice week

    1. Thank you so much!
      The new camera is a Canon 650D, and for these photos I had my 50mm f/1.4 lens on :-)


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