Thursday, October 05, 2017

Strawberry Tea Shawl | Cast Off

I cast this shawl on at the end of July, and I finished it at the end of September. It was a secret knit, as I was knitting it for a gift, and in between other projects I knitted away on it and enjoyed every stitch. The shawl is knitted from the top-down and starts with just a couple of stitches. You increase the entire way along, at the same time as creating the beautiful little leaves, and in the end, the shawl is a beautiful crescent shape covered in leaves with a pretty border across the straight top.
I know I'll make another one of these shawls, probably for myself. I loved every single minute of it and I found it really hard not being able to share it here as I was knitting it. I spent most of the time knitting it imaging casting it off and laying it out to block because I knew the leaves would definitely benefit from a good block, and they certainly did.
I made it out of organic Australian merino (DK weight) and the result is a deliciously snuggly and warm shawl. The absolute best thing of all is, of course, that it was so well received and is going to be very loved.

I did four repeats of the pattern, but I think you could easily do five if you wanted the shawl to be even bigger. It's very warm at this size without being too big and blanket-like, so I think it could easily be worn both around the home every day and also out and about. The shape is really practical but shows the leaves off in all their glory too.
All in all, I'm very happy with this shawl and am so happy that it's going to be so loved! It was an absolute delight to knit and I'm quite missing having it on my needles!

I hope you're having a lovely week so far!
On a little side note, I just want to mention how thrilled I am by how many of you have signed-up for the ornament swap - my goodness! I honestly didn't expect so many. Sign-ups are still open if you haven't joined in yet :-)

Sarah x 

Project Details:
Yarn: WOOLganic Merino 8ply in Chilli Pepper
Pattern: Green Tea by Mia Rinde
I used just a smidgen less than 4 balls of yarn for the shawl

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  1. Absolutely awesome knit Sarah and a really fabulous colour for a modern accessory. ��Thanks for sharing this great project from Amanda R

  2. That's so very beautiful, Sarah. I love the leaves in it. Meg

  3. The shawl is just beautiful! I impressed you were able to part with it :) The Chilli Pepper wool is scrumptious xo

  4. It's gorgeous! Such a great colour and the pattern looks fab.

  5. This is so sweet, I'm sure whoever you made it for will be thrilled! Xx

    Kez |

    1. Thank you Kez! Yes it will be most adored I think x

  6. I love everything about these photos. The light is beautiful, and you picked the most perfect yarn color for this project. It makes me want to eat a strawberry - honestly!


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