Friday, November 10, 2017

Here & Now | November 2017 Link-Up

Loving // How green everything has become after a few good thunderstorms. It amazes me how quickly it changes - green paddocks, a full dam - and consequently how good the sight of it makes me feel, despite not having animals to feed anymore.

Eating // Nothing, but fresh spelt sourdough is on the menu for lunch

Drinking // Tea!

Feeling // Overwhelmed, excited and fairly stressed....I'm moving house

Making // Very speedy progress on my feather stitch sweater, I am loving knitting it and am so glad that I made the decision to rip back my other cardigan and make this instead. I also made a little matchbox village a few weeks ago and forgot to share it here. It's pictured above. The making of Tiny Town was entirely unplanned, but I had fun and think it's cute.

Thinking // November is simply flying by, with so much to organise in such a short amount of time this month is feeling shorter and shorter

Dreaming // Of being settled, of having everything organised and every decision made.

I've been wanting to move house for over a year, but still, this feels quick. Time is escaping me and there is so much to organise. I know everything will get done, but it's a little bit chaotic feeling at the moment with such a larger unknown looming ahead. This could be the last Here & Now of 2017, as I'm not sure if I'll have the time to pop one up on the 10th of December, although I shall certainly try. By the end of this month, this home will no longer be mine - I'll be on my way to my next one, and that's both exciting and a little nerve-wracking.

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  1. Exciting and stressful times for you. Are you moving far from where you currently live? Have fun with all the packing and decluttering that it entails.

    1. Moving very far! Interstate, in fact, so there's a lot of packing to do :-)

  2. Wishing you smooth house moving Sarah, such a big job isn't it? I hope you are OK? x

    1. Thank you so much Jane! It's a huge job, but it will get done! And I am well, thank you, just a litttttle bit over the chaos ;-)

  3. Moving house can be a sressful gut wrench or an exciting new adventure. Hope it all goes well with you.
    Best tip is to do a Big declutter before you pack and unpack everything into roughly where it was least you will be able to find things and you can fine tune where things go as you settle in.
    Make up a box of essentials to travel with you (last things out,first things in) ,kettle,milk, tea, mug, coffee,snacks, first meal,dishcloth, teatowel, detergent....knitting...
    Keep calm, you've got this !
    Can't wait to hear all about new beginnings.

    1. Thanks so much Margaret! The knitting is definitely on the take with me list ;-)

  4. Good luck with your move! I hope it all goes well and stress free for you! Xx

    Kez |

  5. All the best for your move - big step! Love the little matchbox house.

  6. A big move, Sarah, but there is that promise of new adventures ahead ... something to look forward too. Meg:)

    1. Thank you Meg! Looking forward to the more exciting parts is definitely helping with the not so fun parts :-D

  7. it's weird but the older I get the more I enjoy moving. my dream now is to live somewhere different every year. too bad my husband disagrees. anyway I love that little box with the houses in it. :)

  8. Beautiful Photos.. Can I ask a question ? Do you use any Program for your Photos ?

    1. Thank you! I use an online editor called PicMonkey, although I barely edit my photos at all. Sometimes I just adjust the exposure slightly or crop them a little, but mostly I get the photo looking how I want on the camera with the manual settings :-)

    2. Thank you very much for your answer :) They look soo nice

  9. Good luck with the move, Sarah! Moving interstate in a big country like Australia is a lot of work. Hope things go smoothly for you!


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