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I think we are all agreed that despite modern technology there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands. The smell and feel of the pages, how the cover becomes worn with age and the paper soft on the corners where you turn the page.
I love buying new books, hunting for old ones such as Enid Blyton on a market stall, and they are one of my favourite gifts to receive.
Books are a source of information and entertainment; they feed the mind and delight the soul with inspiration and knowledge.

Finding new books to buy can be tricky, so I've put together a list of my favourite books. Visit the pages above!
All of these are the kind that I have grown to love and cherish, have read again and again or use as a constant reference and source of inspiration.

Have a look and a read, and do check back later as this list will be updated often.
If you'd like, leave a comment with your favourite books too!

Happy reading x

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