Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Planning for Knitfest Maleny

Sitting in the cosy lounge, knitting while the rain pelts down outside from a grey sky is something that makes me immensely happy. The week has been flipped inside-out, with Tuesday being a semi-day off after the busyness of attending a market on Sunday. My main goal when I attend markets like the one I did on Sunday is to get my shop out in person and to enjoy the fun of talking to people face to face about everything yarn.
That’s exactly what I did on Sunday, and it was lovely. It’s delightful to be able to share the joy of knitting and of natural fibre yarns with others face to face, to see their eyes sparkle when they see the pretty colours and hear the surprise in their voice when they touch the soft Merino or buttery Alpaca. (Because let’s face it, there are scratchy yarns out there that give these Fibres a bad name!).

Despite rather sore feet the following day (after standing for over six hours straight), I’m really looking forward to my next market event, which will be Knitfest Maleny at the end of June. It’s very exciting to think of making the (relatively short) trip to the Sunshine Coast this winter to attend my first targeted market - an event that will be filled with yarn and fibre enthusiasts, and where I will no doubt get to chat about yarn even more than I did on Sunday!

I’m really excited to meet some of you at Knitfest too, as some of you messaged me on Instagram when I announced it over there to say you’d be there! I love the online community, but I can’t pretend that I don’t love talking to people in “real life” better. 
So now in between the daily and weekly to-dos, another rather large one has been added. It’s titled Knitfest and is going to take a lot of planning, which I actually like (I’m always writing lists!).
I keep thinking forward to the end of June when alongside my personal luggage will be assembled many boxes of yarn and other goodies, ready for their road trip north. It’s very exciting. 

Are you planning any trips for later this year?
Is there cosy wet weather where you are or hot dry days?

If you’re in/near the Sunshine Coast area (or going to be there between June 30th & July 1st), I’d love to meet you at Knitfest!

Have a lovely week,
Sarah x

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  1. I'm counting the days until Knitfest, yay! Two days of yarn, yarn, yarn ... surrounded by yarn, talking about yarn, buying yarn ... Yippee!!!

  2. I am in love with the little knitted bunny ... is that a pattern of yours?

    1. Thank you Helen! Yes her pattern is here: https://saylittlehenshop.com/collections/patterns/products/pdf-knitting-pattern-little-lollipop-rabbit-instant-download


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