Monday, February 19, 2018

My Makes for the Christmas Ornament Swap

This feels like the most overdue blog post of all time, but I thought I'd still share what I made for the Ornament Swap anyway!
First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the swap. I'm glad it was such a positive experience and that everyone enjoyed it so much.
For now, here are the ornaments I created for my swap partner - a bauble, a gingerbread house and a little Scandi-inspired Santa. I loved making each of them, but the Santa was by far my favourite. He reminds me of those little chocolate-shaped Santas that appear every year.
Knitting the ornaments was so much fun as I got to complete projects in just a couple of hours, and then get started on the next one. It's nice to make something that quickly occasionally, and it was hard to stop at just three!

For the bauble, I used this pattern and WOOLganic DK in Grapefruit Moon & Chilli Pepper

For the Gingerbread house I used this pattern (it was so fun!) and Adagio Mills Alpaca DK in Chai for the house and WOOLganic DK in Grapefruit Moon for the roof

And for the Scandi Santa I used this pattern and WOOLganic 4ply in Chilli Pepper, Adagio Mills Alpaca 4ply in Clouds for the embellishments and a scrap of Grapefruit Moon in 4ply for the face.

In the swap parcel that I received in exchange from Jodi of Jellywares were the most gorgeous little ornaments. A sweet wee pair of knitted mittens in red and white stripes, some mini crocheted wreaths and even a gift for Christmas day! (Which I was really naughty with and opened straight away!).  It was the prettiest coaster/doily and has found a place under my jar of knitting needles. It adds such a beautiful, cheerful touch that I'm seriously tempted to try learning crochet again.

If you'd like to see what others received & made for the swap, check out the Instagram tag. I planned to share some of the photos that were emailed through too, but I somehow seem to have misplaced them, so lucky the IG tag is there to see!
I'm thrilled that the first swap I've hosted has been such a success and so fun for everyone. I can hardly wait for the next one!

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  1. The jar of knitting needles looks very happy sitting on their new doiley, it's very, very pretty xo

  2. All the ornaments are just darling! I'm only a beginner knitter and not sure I could make any of them, but just for the asking - how difficult is the little house? I looked at your special instagram page and soooo many cute little ornaments! There are some talented people out there! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Susan!
      The little house was pretty straight forward - the only thing is that it involves picking up a few stitches, but if you're up to trying that it's probably a good project to start with :-) The end result for the house is really all about the finishing of it, but the instructions are super detailed for that :-)

  3. So cute and tempting, little things are so quick we are easily convinced they are a must do.
    If you want to be seriously tempted with crochet, look up "Lost in Time shawl " OMG so lovely and waaaaay more easy than it looks.
    With your change of climate you will need a shawl pretty soon.

    1. Thank you! I will look up that shawl, it sounds lovely! I've never been able to make friends with crochet in the past, despite 3 attempts to learn :-)

  4. It all looks wonderful! What gorgeous ornaments you knitted up. I adore the little crochet mat under your knitting needles. I wanted to take part but I am a stitcher not a knitter ... maybe next time sewers might be allowed ? :-)

    1. Thank you Julie! The crocheted coaster is gorgeous, isn't it?
      I haven't thought about changing the rules for the next swap, I've had a few embroidery and sewing people ask me though so I'll have to think about it :-D

  5. They're adorable decorations. Such a beautiful project to do, swap and share.

  6. Such sweet ornaments, Sarah. I'm sure whoever received them is delighted! Meg:)


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