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Come Join The Mug Cosy Knit Along

This little Marshmallow Bunny Mug Cosy is something I designed last year. It was around this time of year when I was knitting mug cosies and planning to open an online yarn shop. I did end up opening that yarn shop, and now it's nearly time to celebrate its first birthday. I still remember my excitement when my business and sample cards arrived, and how that excitement increased with the first shipment of yarn to arrive. Many balls and skeins of yarns have arrived and subsequently been shipped off since then, and I'm so, so grateful for every single order that's been placed.
I'm pretty chuffed that one year in my little shop continues to grow, and I get to continue on finding new yarns and sharing the joy of them all with you.

To celebrate Say! Little Hen turning 1 year old, I'm hosting a knit-along. This is a friendly and casual knit-along so that it's fun to participate in.

Perhaps you're wondering what a knit-along even is?
It's a super fun way to join a group of other knitters - no matter where in the world you are - and all work on a similar project. It's also a good way to feel encouraged and supported if you're trying out a new technique for the first time, as you're doing it with a group of knitters at the same time! The schedule of this Knit-Along is pretty loose so you can knit when and where you have time and feel like it, without feeling stressed about a finishing deadline, because that's no fun at all!

When participating in a knit-along, the general idea is to interact with others joining in the knit-along and post photos of your progress. There are no rules as to how often you have to post though, again keeping it casual!

I've made an Instagram hashtag for this Knit-Along (#saylittlehenKAL), which you can add to your KAL posts so that we can all see them and where we can talk about the KAL, offering encouragement, and help too if it's needed. I've also created a Facebook group for the KAL, where we can all post photos of our progress.

The theme of the Knit-Along is going to be Mug Cosies, mostly because they are super fun and partly because they are fast, so if you've already got knitting commitments or a "must knit" list like mine you can join in any way! This theme also celebrates the publication of the Marshmallow Bunny cosy. You don't have to knit this pattern to take part in the KAL, though, you're welcome to choose any of my 5 designs.
This is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at colour work if you've never done it before, as in the KAL we'll all be knitting at the same time so you'll have the support and encouragement of others. If this is your first colour work time, I highly recommend the Darling Dots Cosy. It's very easy and super beginner friendly.

If you'd like to join in (that would be lovely!), here are the details:

- Start & End Date:
We cast on Sunday, 18th March - the same day as my shop turns 1!
You don't have to start knitting on the 18th of March though, I've made a pretty long "deadline" considering the size of the project, so you've got plenty of time to cast on and enjoy knitting at your own pace!
We finish our cosies by Friday, 6th April
This gives us almost 3 weeks to get our cosies made! I've allowed this extra time to keep the KAL fun, relaxed and take into account Easter and general life busyness. It also means if you're late casting on, it doesn't matter! You might make 1 mug cosy in this time, or you might make multiple cosies and gift them for Mother's Day - it's up to you!

- Who can join?
Anyone can join! It doesn't matter where in the world you are, I'd love you to join this Knit Along! The only requirement of the KAL is that you use one of my mug cosy patterns.
I'm offering a special participant-only discount on mug cosy patterns up until the 17th March, so if you'd like to join in see below for more details. I've also put together some special yarn & pattern bundles just for this Knit-Along, you can find them HERE.

- KAL Prizes
To make the Knit Along extra fun, I'll be holding a giveaway for participants at the end. I'll have more details about the giveaway closer to the end of KAL, but it's going to be wonderful!

- Join here!
So you want to join the KAL - yay! I'm so excited! Here's how to join:

1. Sign up for the KAL HERE. I'll email you within 24 hours to confirm your sign-up and also give you your special participant-only pattern discount code (you'll receive between 30-50% off your pattern). I'll also give you a link to come join the Facebook group, too.

2. Once you've received your email confirmation & discount, you can choose which cosy you'll be knitting and what yarn you'll use (will you use stash yarn or treat yourself to something new? You can find special KAL Mug Cosy Kits here). If you already have a Say! Little Hen Mug Cosy pattern you are of course welcome to use it!
Remember to post on Instagram with the tag #saylittlehenKAL so we can see what you're choosing!

Useful Links:
Find the Mug Cosy Pattern & Supply Kits collection here

- Spread the Word
The more people that join in a KAL, the more fun it is! It would be lovely if you could post photos of your KAL progress right from the start on Instagram using the tag #saylittlehenKAL. If you're not on Instagram, please do email me a photo of your finished cosy so that I can share it here at the end of the KAL!

And that's it! I hope you'll join the Mug Cosy KAL. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to leave them below in a comment or email me directly.

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