Monday, February 12, 2018

Knitted It | The Happiest Hat

This project was one of those ones that started badly and ended happily. It was a Christmas gift knit and started off a completely different colour than it finished. The pattern is the Happiest Hat by Mary Jane Mucklestone, and I originally tried to replicate the colours of her beanie.
It didn't work - big time. Really, it looked horrible.
I got a few rows in and realised this was going to be one of those Awkward Handmade Gifts. The kind where the recipient tries hard to think of something nice to say about it (and the recipient would have because she's a lovely person like that!).

So, I knew I had to start again. I was on a tight deadline and didn't relish the task of pulling out those hours of knitting.
Before I cast on for the second time I was a sensible knitter and did a swatch with my new selection of colours, just to be sure they'd turn out alright. My confidence had been rattled after seeing my previous colour choices unfurling like an Ugly Sweater beneath my fingers.

This time, however, the colours sang together in beautiful harmony, and I was quick to cast on the beanie and get knitting all over again.
It turns out that a cream beanie sprinkled with shades of pink, blue and green really does look like the Happiest Hat after all. It's such a cheerful combination, perfect for brightening up a chilly day as it warms your ears.
A pompom on top doesn't feature in the original pattern, but I just can't create a beanie without adding a pompom. It always adds the perfect finishing touch, and this time was no exception.

Despite a rocky start, this project has become one I am very pleased with, and thankfully it's new owner loves it too.

Project details:

Pattern: The Happiest Hat by Mary-Jane Mucklestone
Yarn: WOOLganic Merino 8ply with Grapefruit Moon as the base, then in order of appearance from the bottom-up: Lotus, Kundalini, Krishna, Raindrops, Kyoto & Gondwana

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  1. The Happiest Hat's new owner loves it so much she wears it as soon as the temperature falls below 26 degrees!! It is truly gorgeous Sarah :) And what a cool pattern! The organic yarn is dreamily soft. You are so talented my friend xox

    1. I'm so glad you love it that much Kellie! Hopefully you get a nice cold winter ;-) xo

  2. Without the pom-pon the hat is just a happy hat ... pom makes it the happiest!
    Very cheerful!


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