Saturday, February 10, 2018

Here & Now | February 2018

Loving // The beautiful view I'm greeted with every morning, which is often enhanced by thick clouds of mist clinging to the tops of the trees and sides of the mountains. A definite perk of being perched on a hill
Eating // Lots of sourdough (I kept my starter alive during the car trip, a blog post all about it is coming!)
Drinking // Lemongrass & Ginger Tea from The Dandy Tea Co. - a gift from a lovely friend 
Feeling // The best I have since moving in! I finally seem to have gotten rid of the cold/flu that decided to move in with us, and it's making organising the house so much easier :-)
Making // I've just started knitting on my Feather Stitch Sweater again. I thought I'd get heaps of crafting done on the road trip between moving houses, but it turns out I have to feel somewhat settled to be able to settle into my craft. Who knew?!
Thinking // About popping into town for an ice cream from the most delicious little gelato bar (they use local ingredients and as little sugar as possible - the result is the BEST gelato!), seeing as it's a nice warm afternoon
Dreaming // Of wearing my handknits lots throughout winter now we are in a cooler climate

I'm so happy to be writing my first Here & Now post for the year! I've missed doing them and also reading yours. Are you going to join in for this round? I don't have as many photos to share as usual, but now that the office is set up again I hope to start getting the camera out again.

The link-up is open from today until midnight on the 17th of this month. Simply copy the Here & Now list from below, paste it into a new blog post and fill it in. Add as many (or as few) photos to your post as you like and then hit publish! The last step is to come back here and add the link to your new blog post to the link-up tool below, so that we can all see your post. I'd love it if you could please link back here in your post, too, so that others can find the link-up.

Copy & Paste....

Loving //
Eating //
Drinking //
Feeling //
Making //
Thinking //
Dreaming //

I can't wait to see your posts! Thank-you so much for joining in. Remember to spread the link-up love by visiting the other participants.

The link-up is open until the midnight on the 17th.

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  1. Glad this feature is back - I have missed it. Might even have a go myself this weekend x

    1. Thank you Larissa! I would love for you to join in :-)

  2. So pleased to see you 'back' and hear you have safely moved and are beginning to explore your new patch! I am liking the sound of that gelato :)

    1. Thank you so much Kate! The gelato is pretty divine :-D

  3. I swoon whenever I hear the word "gelato". I'n not sure there's anything more blissful than gorgeous gelato on a Summer's day! I adore that first photo, Sarah, all those freckled colours behind a your very cute pooch! Meg:)

  4. How I miss your here&now. but I wrote last month, because it is my favorite blogpost :)
    Your Photos give me wonderful energy..
    Have a lovely day ..

    1. Hi Ezgi!
      I can't wait to catch up on your Here & Now posts, they are always so beautiful! x

  5. I have started a here and now in my journal each week since the beginning of January and I love doing it. Your blog inspired me to give it a go. Just doing loving, feeling, excited and thinking at the moment.
    Jacques UK

    1. Oh that's so lovely to hear Jacques! It's such a lovely little ritual, I always enjoy seeing the similarities and also the differences between each month with the prompts :-)

  6. I love this series, I heard it thanks to Ezgi :). Maybe, I'll do this list one day when I have enough photo :).

    1. I would love if you do it! You can put in as many or as few photos as you like, whatever you have! :-)

  7. I'm glad to see you are settling in an enjoying your new home in NSW. Sorting through the chaos of packing, unpacking, and organising is never easy, but I'm glad you're feeling better and the weather is cooperating. Both make it so much better for all those chores. How are the dogs adapting to their new home?


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