Sunday, November 19, 2017

Amidst the Moving

I'm surrounded by a chaotic house filled with boxes - some packed and some only half packed. There are things everywhere as the furniture we don't want to move has sold before we've had a chance to pack up the contents. Despite the chaos, we are making headway.
I've been hoping to get on here and write a blog post all week, but it's been a little bit crazy around here. The fact that I've managed to sit down right now, and write these words, seems something to celebrate.
I want to thank you all for your kind wishes about my move - your emails and comments have been lovely to receive, and I have read them all, even if I'm a tad slower at responding to them than I usually like to be.
My shop closes for 6 weeks after tomorrow. Initially, I was struggling to let go of my business for that long, to actually step back and take a break. But now I am looking forward to being able to not have to run it during this very busy week, and then have a break after actually moving. I wouldn't be closing it for so long if we weren't moving at this time of year, but in a few weeks, we're colliding with the festive season so I couldn't see the sense in reopening the shop only to close it back up again. It already has me excited for next year, anyway, and the things I'll be able to plan for it with a clear head whilst taking a break. I can't wait.
Despite the obvious signs that we are moving, I still can't quite get into my head that we actually are. I think because the days are so full of a massive list of tasks, it's all about getting things done rather than being able to think about what's going on.

The dogs seem to have known that something is going on before any serious packing even started. It's fascinating how they sense these things. Both Rilla and Bambi are finding the days a little strange. Bambi is her usual cheeky self, but Rilla has become my shadow in the last few days, following me everywhere and looking alarmed when things get moved. She doesn't like change.

Along with my break from the shop for 6 weeks, I probably won't be blogging here for a little while either. I'm taking a break from everything so that I can enjoy the moving and settling in process, so this will probably be the last post you hear from me for a while. I might write a post about my swap ornaments and schedule it to go live while I'm away because I'd really like to be able to share them.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!
Thank you so much for coming by here to read my posts for another year of blogging, and especially thank you for your comments and emails.

Sarah x

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  1. Clearly I've missed something, you are moving! Wow. Good luck with it all hope it goes smoothly. Are you moving far?
    Cheers Kate

    1. Thanks so much Kate! Moving interstate so quite a long way away :-)

  2. We're going to miss you Sarah! You will have so much to tell us in the new year and it's nice for us to have that to look forward to :) I wish you all smooth travelling xo

  3. Good luck! Moving is HARD work! Very wise to take a break.

  4. Sensible thinking Sarah, although we'll miss you. All the best with moving (I helped pack up and move my Mum in April/May so your post brought back immediate memories!). Thinking of you xx

  5. Best luck with your move. Enjoy your "break", and look forward to reading your blog in 2018. Have a safe move & a lovely Christmas.

  6. I look forward to seeing some more blog posts from the new place. Break is a good thing and moving is an adventure! I hope your dogs will get used to the new place quickly.


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