Friday, November 18, 2016

A Gift Guide for the Baker

Gift shopping is such a lovely thing, isn't it? As promised earlier this week, here is the gift guide for the Baker in your life. 

I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!
Happy gift giving x

Handmade by Dolly Henry, a practical and stylish way to store your freshly baked loaves, and other baked goods!

I think this tin is just gorgeous!

I'm in dire need of a proper bread tin - treat yourself to this or rest assured that your bread baking friend will be delighted in such a gift.

This was the book that transitioned me from baking bread in a machine to exploring artisan loaves. I've personally left yeast bread baking behind now, but still highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys or wants to start with baking yeasted breads. It's excellent, delicious and very easy to use.

Such a good idea!

Such a lovely shaped banneton! A must for any artisan bread baker

This pan has long been on my wishlist

What better time than the summer holidays to get started with sourdough? If you're gifting my eBook, you're welcome to contact me before purchase and I can send it to the recipient directly.

Le Creuset - need I say more?

This stamp is so adorable, as is the entire Substation Paperie range

As soon as I saw this I thought what a beautiful home it would be for a sourdough starter - and lots of other goodies too!

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  1. One of everything please Sarah! Actually I already have a ridiculous stack of bannetons and a baguette pan but a girl can never have enough. Oh my goodness...those stamps made me squeal with delight. What a gorgeous Etsy site. Further investigation required there! Such a lovely collection. x

    1. Aren't they just gorgeous Jane? I could buy the entire range! x


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