Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Mushroom Project | Knitted Heat Pack Cover

This project came about all because of that little green square with the red and white mushroom on it. Last week I posted a photo of it on Instagram, sharing the tiny test knit. I'd been busily sketching some new knitting designs and fair isle charts. I decided to knit up the mushroom to see how it translated from the page. It was supposed to be a test knit, but I fell in love with it's tiny size and decided to make another one. And then along come several more.
Playing with colour combinations and watching the little stack of mushrooms grow was quite addictive.
Every knit needs a purpose, however, so I decided that I would turn them into a new cover for my heat pack. My old cover is looking horribly worn, so I'd decided a little while ago that I would knit it a new one, and these mushrooms seemed like the perfect choice.

This was one of those projects that evolved as it went along. I originally thought that I would make mushrooms for the front and back, but when I got there I decided to make the back in plain blocks.
Arranged like a paint palette, they look pretty and cheerful.

The cover is removeable, making it easy for me to replace the heat pack in future. I'll also take it out of the cover to heat it up. It's a bit bigger than the old cover (which is why the sides look a bit dipped in in some of the photos), but it's fine as it makes it quick and easy to get the heat pack in and out, and the knitting won't be being stretched.
I added the side gussets and closing tab after stitching the squares into the front and back blocks. I picked up stitches, seamed it together with a three-needle-bind-off and consulted my favourite knitting book to select a type of buttonhole.

I'm super happy with the finished cover. It's soft, but will also be durable, and the bright colours are cheerful to look at.

I've been asked for my mushroom motif pattern, and so I've published it just now!
You can get it here in my blog shop and also on Ravelry. Both are instant PDF downloads.

So, what have you been making lately?
Let me know below!

I hope you've been having a good weekend x

Pattern: My own (Mushroom motif here)
Yarn: Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Sincere Organic Cotton DK and Patons Serenity DK, both from my stash and both sadly discontinued

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  1. I've been watching this little pile of mushroom squares grow on your Instagram. Lovely to see them all together and the project finished.

  2. They are adorable!!!

  3. A very sweet project. I love the back view, as well. I started knitting my first shawl - Drea's shawl. Using hand dyed yarn from Dingo Dyeworks

    1. Thanks Julia! Your shawl sounds gorgeous! x

  4. It's just gorgeous! <3 The gusset is so beautifully neat. Clever girl :) xo


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