Thursday, September 06, 2018

Sock Knitting

I've fallen in love with knitting socks. Even as I knit a pair now, I'm thinking ahead to the next pair. I started this pair two weeks ago and was happy to have them off my needles earlier this week. This was one of those projects that are so smooth and straightforward every second of it is enjoyable, and I credit that to the pattern writer. With such a thoughtful, well laid-out pattern it was impossible to go wrong and the result is a pair of socks that fit perfectly.

I've discovered that I like to knit cuff-down socks. I've tried toe-up, and whilst they weren't bad, I enjoy this method so much more. I feel like starting with the toe puts you right into the 'busy' part of the pattern, whereas when you begin with the cuff there are a good few centimetres of just straight knitting, or if you're knitting a pair with texture on the back and lace down the sides like these, it gives you time to get to the know the pattern repeat before you start with shaping.

Knitting from the cuff-down also lets you get straight to the colour work bit if you want to embellish them. With socks, I feel like I've just discovered a whole new world where I apply my various Fair Isle charts that I've drawn up over time. (I've got a stack of paper torn from a notebook with various pictures and patterns drawn on them). I'm doing just that with my latest pair, adding flowers to the cuff with a simple flecked border each side of them. I've knitted the ribbed cuff in the contrast colour and will change to light pink for the heel and toe, too. I'm not sure whether another repeat of the flecks will appear before the toe shaping starts, I guess I'll make up my mind when I get there!

I'm knitting these in my Nettle Sock Yarn, which is just feeling lovely on my needles. So squishy but sturdy! I really like that I can now make synthetic-free socks. I'm really enjoying knitting them and can see that there will probably be a sock on my needles constantly for the foreseeable future.

Are you a sock knitter? Do you prefer to knit them from the top or the bottom?

Until next time,

Project Details:
First pair of socks:
Yarn: Hand dyed from my stash, I honestly can't remember what the label said, but I do know it's a standard sock blend
Pattern: Home Grown Socks by Jessica Gore (highly recommended!)

Second pair of socks:
Yarn: Nettle Sock in Heather & Dusty Pink
Pattern: My own, using the Home Grown Socks as a base for sizing

I'm holding a Sock knitting workshop in Bellingen this November. For more info click here.

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  1. Lovely socks! I love the Fair Isle! I am a sock knitter and knit them cuff down. That seems to work better for me. I struggled with casting on toe up socks.

    1. Thank you! Sock knitting is lots of fun, isn't it? I'm glad there are so many different methods to suit us all. I'm definitely a cuff-down knitter, too :-)


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