Monday, August 27, 2018

A Magazine + A Video

I've always had an interest in writing, stemming from childhood when I wrote many short stories (and a lengthy one that I never did finish...). I've been writing for Earth Garden for several years now and published my successful sourdough eBook three years ago. Way back in Autumn the idea for a digital magazine for knitters and crocheters started to form, and after lots of thinking and list-writing the name Yarnologie was chosen, and the magazine started to take shape.
It's been many, many months in the planning, and so I was really excited and just a bit nervous to publically announce Yarnologie. The response has been absolutely wonderful, and the very first issue of Yarnologie will be published this weekend. I'm looking forward to it but am also pretty nervous about it.

I love sharing interesting stories about other people, and to be able to combine this with my love of photography and of course, yarn, is absolutely wonderful. Even though Yarnologie is a digital publication, it's formatted as it would be if it was printed. It's visually appealing with many beautiful photographs accompanying each article, along with the touch of my clever graphic designer to really make it sing. I may have a small dream to see it in print - perhaps an annual edition - but for now, I am enjoying getting it off the ground.

What is Yarnologie about?
Yarnologie is an Australian-based quarterly digital magazine designed to inspire, empower and encourage fellow yarn crafters to try new things, share their creations and just enjoy the goodness of making with yarn. 
Inside the pages of Yarnologie, you’ll find inspiring stories from creatives in the yarn community, helpful advice, insightful articles & more.
Yarnologie is about sharing the stories of the people who grow, make and create with beautiful yarn, with an emphasis on natural fibres and sustainable practices.
Some regular features to each issue of Yarnologie include informative articles & advice, interviews and stories from inspiring creatives in the yarn community, a how-to, recipe and a hand-picked collection of project ideas.

Issue 01 of Yarnologie has lots of good stories in it, with a six-page spread on Kate of Foxs Lane, a look into the creative process of Melissa of Crochet Co. and a thoughtful piece on the power of yarn therapy from Megan of Megan Elizabeth Australia.

To celebrate the publication of Yarnologie Issue 01, we put together a fun little video showcasing all things yarn. I thought you might enjoy it, too.

Yarnologie Magazine from Say! Little Hen on Vimeo.

The first issue of Yarnologie will be published on Saturday, and subscriptions are currently open. (On Saturday the subscription will change over, starting with Issue 02, so if you'd like to subscribe and have it start at the very beginning with Issue 01, make sure you sign up by Friday evening). You can also preorder a single issue - all of the info is here!

I'd love to know what you think!


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