Monday, March 26, 2018

Why Knitting Sleeves is the Best Part

I've just started knitting the second sleeve of my Feather Stitch Sweater. With the back and front complete and one sleeve down, this is all I have left to do, other than the ribbed neckband. I love knitting sleeves. I really, truly enjoy it. I know many knitters hate knitting the sleeves...many refer to it as being stranded on Sleeve Island. I think the general feeling is that sleeves are standing in their way from the finished item, or they're not as fun to knit as the body of a sweater.
Now I will agree, sleeves aren't as fun to knit. They're long and there's always the small worry that one will turn out longer than the other (unless you knit two at once). But as for them standing in the way of finishing your project - that's not how I see it at all.
To me, the casting on of the sleeves heralds the end. After the process of knitting the body of the garment, which is the largest and most time-consuming part, it's a joy to be knitting across fewer stitches and thus completing rows more quickly again. The sleeves are something I cast on with great excitement - rather than seeing them as being in the way of finishing, I feel like I've only got 2 little sleeves to knit and I'm done!! It's a wonderful feeling, and it makes me knit faster.

With only one sleeve left before I have to block, seam and knit the neckband, I'm very excited to be so close to the finish line. I should have it finished in time to wear to the workshop I'm teaching - hopefully, the weather cooperates and it's cool enough to wear it!

How do you feel about knitting sleeves I wonder?
I hope you've had a good start the week!

Sarah x

Yarn: WOOLganic Merino 4ply in Krishna
Pattern: Feather Stitch Sweater from Knit Vintage

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  1. Such a pretty blue! I haven't knitted a garment for a long time, but I don't remember not liking sleeve knitting.

  2. I like knitting sleeves and always do 2 at once so they turn out the same. As you so, they're less to knit and the end is in sight!

    1. I should have done two at once for these ones; in fact I don't actually have a good reason for not doing two at once haha! But I think they should be alright....

  3. I don't mind knitting sleeves now that I have learnt about top down patterns where the sleeve stitches are held on a waste thread and then picked up and knitted in the round later on. Just round and round I go and they are done in no time.

    1. I've made one bottom-up garment where the sleeves were picked up and then knitted, so similar to a top-down, and it was great. I'm hoping to do a top-down as my next garment :-)

  4. It's looking so pretty Sarah! Nearly there, just in time for Winter xo

  5. Oh gosh, I have never knitted sleeves! Love the colour of your yarn. so pretty! Meg:)


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