Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lately | Sourdough, Zucchinis & Yarn

Lately, there has been my first workshop to get ready for. It's next weekend and yesterday I made up the kits for each student - a box complete with the printed pattern, organic wool and needles. With their name tied on top with baking twine, the kits were complete, and into the store cupboard they went, surrounded by yarn, waiting for next weekend. I felt that nervous excitement as I made the kits, realising that this was really happening and next weekend I will be teaching my first ever workshop. It's a really odd feeling!

Lately, there has been Zucchini Hunting. They are cunning little plants zucchinis, masters at hiding their fruit from you. I honestly don't know why zucchinis can be so hard to spot - and then you see one, and if you don't harvest it then, you're bound to forget exactly where it is, only to discover it a couple of days later, now the size of a monster. When I planted out the eight zucchini seedlings, I forgot just how big the plants can get, too. I now have what looks like a Hedge of Zucchinis. Luckily, the kale and silverbeet hiding underneath don't seem to mind.

Lately, there has been sourdough baking. I accidentally killed my sourdough starter, the one that I cared for during the moving-house process, and kept alive on the road trip. One busy week I forgot it was out on the bench, rather than being in the fridge, and about 5 or 6 days later I discovered a very offensive smelling former sourdough starter, now not a bubble in sight, but pink spots forming instead. I'm just grateful that I have a jar of dried sourdough starter stored in the pantry, so that within two days I had a strong, healthy sourdough starter back again. (I wrote about how to revive a dried sourdough starter here). Since then, I've been paying close attention to my starter, so that I don't forget and kill this one!

There has also been a lot of yarny planning happening here. I've got a couple of exciting plans that I'm dying to share with you now, but my lips are sealed! There's also been yarn admiring, with a giant package of the loveliest hand-dyed yarns arriving. Of course, they are for the shop, because as much as I love yarn I sadly don't buy it for myself by the kilo! These fingering weight beauties have been hand dyed in Tasmania, on Australian grown merino wool. The wool is New Merino certified, which means it's been ethically and sustainably grown.
I've also been project planning, as I near the end of my Feather Stitch Sweater I've started thinking about what the next garment I make will be. I'll also be knitted a Darling Dots beanie soon, for my sister who has wanted one since I designed the beanie last year, and I've got to knit up some Tea Mice in a rainbow of colours, to display at Knitfest.

What's been happening at yours lately?
I'd love it if you'd share in the comments below!

Sarah x

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  1. How exciting that your class is drawing nearer! Sounds like you're all ready for it. Will you "do" anything with your zucchinis or will there be just enough to eat? I'm knitting and making a 4 year a dress.

    1. It is really exciting! :-)
      I've been keeping up with the zucchinis so far, I don't know if they'll be able to hit the crazy-bearing point as the cool weather is on the way. If they do, I love making chocolate zucchini slice:

      Happy making! x

  2. I wish I lived close enough to take one of your workshops, Sarah. I am currently knitting my first-ever shawl. It's challenging me a bit (ahem, a lot!) Meg

    1. I wish you did too, Meg! I hope you have better luck with your shawl soon. What pattern are you using? x

  3. I wish I lived close enough to come to a workshop as well! It's going to be great :) xo P.S. the chocolate zucchini slice sounds yummy.

  4. I hope all goes well with the workshop. I'm sure it will go great as you are clearly a very talented knitter and a great communicator (via your blog). When someone is passionate it always shines through.
    Bummer on the sourdough starter death. But good that you had some dried back-up. I finally got around to drying some of my starter recently which definitely gives a little peace of mind.
    Around here there are plans for gardening, passions and dipping my toe back into a little work after 4+ years off with my bubbas. It's a little daunting but just taking it one day at a time.
    Have a good week and enjoy the workshop. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I'm really looking forward to the workshop :-D
      I think it's an excellent idea to keep some dried starter, always good to have backup as I have so recently learned!
      I hope your work goes well, things can see a little overwhelming when you're first back doing them, but I'm sure you'll do great x


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