Saturday, August 19, 2017


How is your weekend going? It's been one of restful slowness here so far, amongst the little things that always seem to need doing on a weekend (like watering plants, washing clothes and baking bread). Although it's so dry here at the moment, that the sprinkler is on every single day. We certainly can't keep the entire block green but it's nice to have the grass around the house and chickens pens green, which is an area of several acres in itself. The other land shall just have to wait until the rain comes!
As I look out from the window now I can cast my eyes over the back half of the property - the dam looking very low and covered in unruly lilies and water plants, the trees in the bush starting to look less lush and the paddocks brown and crispy. The paddocks disappear over the hill, but I know what that the ones out of my sight are dry now too. And the mountain is blue as always in the twilight, looking very far away this evening and lovely in the soft light.

It's feeling like spring at the moment. The wattle is in full flower, the days are almost a little hot in the middle of the afternoon and the nights and evenings are awfully cold. I think they feel even colder because the days are getting warm.

I've been knitting, as usual, working on a new project that I will have to tell you about another time. And I've been spinning, too. I thought I'd share some of my hand spun yarns with you tonight.
I'm waiting for a little tool to arrive that will help me measure the thickness of my yarn so that I will know what gauge it is, or is close to, as all my yarns are still thick and thin at the moment. I've still got to learn to get them not over or under spun before I try and achieve an actual gauge!
When my tool arrives, I'll make little labels for my skeins with the dates and fibre information on them, and I might even name them.
It's a fun journey, this yarn spinning business, although I know I'm going quite slowly with it. I think I need to make sure I get even 10 minutes of spinning done a day if I'm to make any real progress. There always seem to be other things to do though - and there's always something I want to knit! You know how it is, I'm sure.

At any rate, now that I've gotten these photos uploaded to my blog and these words written I'm going to squeeze in those ten minutes of spinning before cooking dinner. It's soup here tonight, something nice and easy.

What are you up to? I'd love to know!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!
Sarah x

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  1. Hi Sarah. I just love your hand spun yarn, you are very clever. What am I doing? Well, I read your blog whilst taking a break from making 15 hot pink Marilyn Monroe gowns for my daughter's dance group (she is the teacher) and trying to finish a commission. Sarah, I like you, can not sit still with all this craftiness about! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

    1. Thank-you so much Dawn!
      My goodness that's a lot of dresses! You're one busy lady :-) I hope you have a lovely week x

  2. It's dry here too. I had the sprinkler for an hour each on garden beds last week and will do that again this week to try and nudge seed into action. The beds I've seeded hold water well so an hour each puts water into the ground because of the way I've built the beds. However, the beds that were here when we moved in don't hold water as well and there is a bit of a survival of the fittest mentality, but so early into a new season, my back yard garden is struggling, so I can't imagine what it must be like for croppers and those hoping for decent feed on the ground.

    1. It's certainly hard to keep things green in this weather! I'm glad that the native trees and bushes we've planted don't need to much water, it's the grass that gets greedy :-)

  3. I'm really enjoying your spinning journey Sarah, well done! We could use some rain too as our tank water supply is down to half way, which is a very good reason not to wash the car :) xo

    1. Thank-you Kellie! I hope you get some rain soon! As far as I know, our tank still has plenty in it, but we only use it for drinking water, the rest comes from the irrigation channel :-)


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