Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here & Now | November Link-Up

Loving // That the roses are beautiful whilst they are in full bloom, but that they also put on a delightful show when they shower the garden in their faded petals
Eating // Greek yoghurt with raw honey - so refreshing in this hot weather! 
Drinking // Our own fresh, raw milk, icey cold from the fridge
Feeling // A little bit stiff after doing too much knitting in one go
Making // Rather a mess of my desk as I play around with new knitting designs. I always start with a clean work space, but it becomes something of a disaster zone as different yarns are consulted, sketches tried and graphs drawn. I quite like the process. I plan on sharing more about these little mushrooms with you soon
Thinking // That with Peggy coming up to seven months old, and being a rather hefty size now, it's a good thing I've finally started halter breaking her
Dreaming // Of some slightly cooler days...silly to say when we're heading in to summer, rather than out of it, but it's been a hot week and supposedly getting hotter tomorrow

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Feeling //
Making //
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The link up is open until the midnight on the 17th.

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  1. I always love your photos - especially your border collie, my favourite breed.

    1. Thank-you so much Julie. They're my favourite breed too.
      Thanks for joining in again! x

  2. Such lovely photos, Sarah! I'd love to be able to capture a few shots of our Sir Steve dog but he is not very co-operative when it comes to the camera! Meg:)

    1. Thank-you Meg. I have many, many failed shots of my dogs - you can guarantee they'll move just as I'm about to click. And my other Border Collie has a habit of pointedly looking away from the camera!

  3. I know I always say it but your animals look so happy and content Sarah! Pretty flowers too x

  4. I love looking at your lovely animals. :) My roses are just coming into first bud, so no petals here yet. The last of the fruit blossoms are doing a fine job of flower confetti. It is (yet again) raining, so I'm sending cool thoughts your way.

    1. We got a little rain last night, so it's nice and cool here today - those thoughts of yours must have worked ;-)
      Thanks so much for joining in again Laura! x

  5. Beautiful photos... I can't wait to here more about those CUTE mushrooms!

    1. Thank-you Anja! I'm off to read your Here & Now post x

  6. Loving your roses and border collies Sarah. Thanks for hosting this lovely linkup, it's my first one & looking forward to seeing some beautiful photos from everyone, and maybe a little inspiration. I already have a few of these photos up on my Instagram already, is there anything else I need to do for Instagram? xx

    1. Thank-you so much for joining in!!
      All you need to do for Instagram is tag #hereandnowSLH and additionally you can tag me personally if you like, @SayLittleHen :-)


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