Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Waving Lace Washcloths | New Knitting Pattern

It struck me on the weekend that I had neglected to share my newest knitting pattern with you! So, without further delay, I'd like you to meet the Waving Lace Washcloth.
This is a simple and fun knit to add a bit of prettiness to your every day. Lace is easy to work, and lots of fun too. If you haven't tried lace knitting before, this pattern is very simple and an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of lace knitting.
Knit your washcloth in a soft cotton or bamboo blend. Organic Cotton makes the most delicious washcloths.

The pattern is available to purchase as a PDF download on both Ravelry and in my blog shop.

Waving Lace Washcloth Details:
- Worked in DK/8ply yarn
- Easy to follow written instructions, including how to wet block your finished item
- Suggested yarns and quantity

Let me know if you give it a go!
Happy knitting,
Sarah x

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