Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Marigold & Peggy

Last night was clearly the night for having babies. At least for the animals on our farm, anyway.

Do you remember the ewe I wrote about recently, the one that had finally become pregnant after I'd almost given up hope of her ever having a lamb?
Well, she had her baby last night. I suspected that she was in labour yesterday afternoon, and when evening came and I put them into their sheds for the night, Minty starting pawing at the ground, turning about in circles and periodically lying down. All behaviour that confirmed her labour was progressing. She actually looked quite offended at what was going on, and like she seriously regretted her decision to finally become a mama.
I watched for almost an hour, until the sun disappeared and the light was lost. It was too dark to see, so I reluctantly left, thinking I wouldn't know the result until morning.
At about 9 o'clock last night we heard loud baa-ing coming from the sheep shed. Highly unusual, and also very alarming when I'd left a sheep in labour up there.
We raced up to the shed with torches, only to find one very proud mama sheep cleaning and encouraging her new baby. Minty's lamb is so large in size that I immediately supposed it to be a boy, but quickly found it that she is indeed a ewe lamb! Minty is turning out to be a wonderful mama, albeit a loud one, and her baby is so beautiful and strong.
I named her Marigold, partly due to the fact that I missed the first ten minutes of the last episode of Downton Abbey due to the commotion in the shed. She seems to suit her name and I am just over the moon with this gorgeous little baby.

Our milking cow also gave birth last night too, although we didn't find out until this morning. She's had a gorgeous little heifer calf, just as I asked her to. We've named her Peggy and she is a beautiful cocoa brown, although I know she'll turn black with age. The excitement of calving is increased when it's Missy who has a baby, as not only does it come with the delight of new life but also the joy of being able to have our own homegrown milk again. We'll start milking Missy-Moo on the weekend* and I can't wait. I keep thinking of all the cheesemaking that is to come, and enjoyment of milking Missy every day.

*Cows produce colostrum for the first four to five days after calving, so Missy's actual milk won't come in until about Saturday. Colostrum is high in vitamin A and is vital to the survival of the newborn calf.


  1. Awesome how exciting! Enjoy milking again..fresh raw milk

  2. Ahhhh, what precious babies. They are adorable and I love their names, especially Marigold. Congratulations!

  3. Really exciting! I feel the countryside in the air as I read these posts. It is lovely :)

  4. Oh that little calf is just adorable...the miracle of new life! x

    1. Thank-you Jane. New babies are always exciting x

  5. Hi Sarah. How absolutely adorable. I have been following your blog for only a short time but really love it. I also really love the last picture of your new little calf Peggy. I would love to paint a picture of her. I am an amateur oil painter and would love to use your photo as a reference. I wonder do you give that type of permission for your photos? She is so beautiful with such a lovely colour. Thanks Sarah.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
      I'd be happy for you to use my photo, I'd love to see a picture of your finished painting! Let me know if you need it emailed through x

    2. Hi Sarah. Thank you very much for allowing me permission. I was going to just use it from the blog but if you can email it to me that would be amazing. I really appreciate it. My email is dawn.packer@bigpond.com I will definitely let you see the finished picture (hopefully it will turn out ok). At the moment I am doing one of our dog for my son. I have posted it on my Facebook page on www.facebook.com/DawnPackerStudio if you wanted to have a look. 'Peggy' will be my next project. Thank you so much.

    3. Hi Dawn,
      You are most welcome! I'll send it through for you now :-)
      I've just had a look at your Facebook page and your painting is so lovely!! You should be really proud.
      Sarah x

  6. I love seeing all of your sweet baby animal photos. :) Welcome to the world, Marigold!

    1. Oops, was sure I had typed Marigold and Peggy, but my hands must have been working faster than my brain in pressing publish. :) Sorry, Peggy!


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