Saturday, April 09, 2016

Here & Now

Loving // That I filled a wheelbarrow with passionfruit this afternoon. We've only got two vines, and what generous vines they are! I'm going to take some to the post office next week. Our little post office is a community hub, and people have been taking their excess fruit there to giveaway to others. I've enjoyed sugar bananas and citrus brought home from the post office before, and it makes me glad to be able to give back by leaving a large box of passionfruit there for others to help themselves to.

Eating // Roasted sweet potato, apple and rosemary soup (recipe from My Family Table)

Drinking // Warm cocoas at night

Feeling // Grateful for the weekend

Making // The final sleeve for my Clara Bow Sweater

Thinking // That a pumpkin patch is the best place for young bantams to live - they are having a ball!

Dreaming // Of milking Missy in a few weeks time

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Think Big Live Simply's Bec Shann over at She Makes Magic. I may have had to tune in four times (I didn't seem to have 40 minutes of undivided attention in one block) but I was inspired and loved every minute
And Trials and Tribulations of The Simple Life landed in my inbox last week, from Life of Clare

I'd love to know what's happening in your Here & Now?
Share below or on your own blog - leave a link to let me know!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Sarah x

Megan from Dolly Henry has also written a Here & Now post - she's relatively new to blogging so hop over and make her welcome!
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  1. What a lovely life you have :)
    Here in England the spring is starting, I created a bulb plant patch, bought a bayleaf plant today. With my fiancée we set up a sourdough starter and I am using it right now for the first time, just waiting for the dough to rise. It's exciting!

    1. That all sounds perfect! Sourdough baking is exciting - best wishes for your loaf x

  2. Are those passionfruit in your barrow?? If they are, I am very jealous because I have not had one single flower or fruit off my passionfruit vine this season. Must find out why (I expect it will have something to do with the soil) and fix it so as to avoid any more passionfruit droughts!

    My here and now has involved getting ready for planting out my Autumn seedlings. I have been waiting and waiting for the daytime temperature to cool and it looks like this week will finally see a drop to days under 30 degrees so I can finally transfer my seedlings to my main veggie patch. Hooray! Some other things I've been up to are on my blog at Feel free to come and visit! Meg:)

    1. They certainly are passionfruit :-) And mostly from one vine...I'd offer passionfruit growing advice if I had any, but I'm afraid I don't give my vine very much TLC and it still produces wonderfully. I hope you find what to do with yours!

      Your garden sounds as though it's going to be lovely Meg! Happy planting x

  3. Your bantams are in the best spot! They have me thinking of pumpkin soup. I can't wait for you to share about milking Missy.
    I have joined in the fun with my own Here and Now over at 'Kate Writes'
    Thanks for sharing
    Kate x

    1. I can't wait for Missy to calve again either - only 12 days until her due date!!
      Thanks so much for joining in, your photos are always so beautiful! I'll add your link to my post and hop over and have a look xx

    2. Beautiful photography! And the passionfruit sounds amazing! I really love "here & now" as a post - mindful & grateful all at once. Do you post it monthly? X

    3. Thank-you so much ELisa. I will be posting it monthly from now on, on the 10th of every month if you'd like to join in next time :-) I'll be adding links to the post for up to a week after I've published it so you have time to join x

  4. A wheelbarrow full of passionfruit, I would be loving that too! Oh and those gorgeous bantams, they certainly have a lovely life x


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