Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Here & Now | April 2019 Link Up

I originally didn't intend to continue with the Here & Now link up during this year, but I've missed writing the posts and seeing yours, too. It's a nice way of checking in once a month, another way to keep a journal as the year goes on by.

I had the joy recently of visiting a beautiful garden, and amongst all the other gorgeous flowers growing was this patch of echinacea. They are such pretty flowers, I had to take a photo.

Loving // Being off daylight savings time - don't ask me why but I just can't find my rhythm with daylight savings. The time on the clock never makes sense!

Eating // Salads and stirfries and homemade biscuits (not all at once, that would taste weird!)

Drinking // Tea, tea, tea - mostly English Breakfast but the occasional herbal.

Feeling // Inspired to garden again. Summer was so hot and dry, and with no water source either than our rainwater tank I couldn't keep up the water without feeling stressed, so I let the veggie patch go. Now the weather has mellowed out and we've had some rain I think I'll plant some seeds.

Making // My rainbow shawl is coming along nicely, I've hit that point in the project where I get 'attached' to it and don't want to work on anything else. I am knitting on my Maple here and there, too, and I've finished with my Chook Chook mug cosies now, too.

Thinking // About running a knitting workshop, I haven't organised any this year yet.

Dreaming // Of my trip to Knitfest Maleny in July, it's not too far away. I'm excited to be teaching this year as well as holding a stall.

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  1. How gorgeous are those Echinacea! Thank you for hosting another lovely link-up.

  2. I have missed them too! It is almost mug cozy weather now.


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