Monday, September 28, 2015


I love this time of year when there are little calves skipping about the paddocks, exploring the world that is all so new to them, and hearing their mamas give that beautiful soft moo they only have when their babies are newborn. 

I find it amazing that in one day after birth, calves initially wobbly on their long longs are zooming about the paddock, skipping and jumping with perfect balance.

The calves pictured are Jellybean and Chicco Baby, born only 2 days apart. Their mamas gave birth only days apart last year too; I wonder if these two cows will always be synchronized mamas?

We seem to be naming our calves with a confectionery theme this year. I'm hoping for some heifers since our first two have been little bull calves. 


What been happening in your world lately? 
How does Spring unfold in your part of the world? 

I hope you have a great week


  1. Love those precious little faces! We are going into fall here in South Carolina, U.S. It's been a rainy weekend, but I haven't minded it as we need the rain. I'm looking forward to some cooler temperatures and fall color. Happy spring to you.

    1. I always relish the arrival of Autumn after the heat of summer. Enjoy x

  2. How lovely. There is something about babies, especially fluffy ones isn't there.
    Spring means wildflowers here. We do not get carpets of them but they are there and all the prettier for having to hunt a little for the flashes of colour!

    1. Oh yes, fluffy babies are extra special. Maybe that's why everyone loves baby chickens so much?
      We aren't surrounded in flowers here either, but it's always lovely to stumble upon some

  3. Chicco Baby..sounds like a Rock Star baby! Love it!!

  4. Hi Sarah! It's been quite a while since I stopped by (yours and so many other bloggers!). Love that sweet little baby face! What perfection! It must be such a treat to have these cute little guys romping around your fields. I've been reading back and catching up with your days. Lovely knitting going on there too, and the book on blocks looks very tempting! I've not tried much fair isle knitting, but your blocks look beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!


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