Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Quick Knitting Tips

Following on from last week's post, here are 3 quick knitting tips

1. When knitting a blanket of individual squares, sew in your ends as you go so you aren't put off by the task when it comes time to assemble the blanket. Set yourself a rule such as end sewing every time you finish a square, or every 3-5 squares. I've heard of several people who don't finish a project simply because they are put off sewing in the ends. Sewing as you go makes all the difference and means your hard work won't go to waste!

2. If working fair isle designs, learn how to carry your yarn across the back of your work so you don't end up with heaps of ends. Not only is this annoying but it wastes yarn. Carrying strands is easier than it sounds and well worth your while. Instructions may seem daunting, but if you grab your work (or a test swatch) and have a go I guarantee you'll be wondering why you didn't learn this earlier! (Little Cotton Rabbits has a helpful article on it here)

3. For new comers to the knitting world, I recommend joining Ravelry. It's free and is a great community for both knitting and crocheting. It has heaps of features, but the main one I recommend (and the one I use the most) is the pattern search. The search lets you narrow down the results by specifying things such as yarn gauge, construction techniques, design elements and heaps more.I find 99% of my patterns through Ravelry's search as it has better results than searching on something such as Etsy, for example. There's also lots of helpful forums and interactive groups you can join when you need help with your knitting or if you just want to chat.

I hope you find these helpful!
Have a lovely weekend,
Sarah x

Square pictured I knitted using designs from this delightful book


  1. I love Ravelry. I have searched and found many a pattern there!

  2. Great tips, and I do love Ravelry too - although I tend to get too distracted by all the lovely makes on there! Your squares blanket is going to be gorgeous - can't wait to see it all finished :-)


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