Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Taking Stock

Making: A mess

Cooking: Unusual recipes from the delicious Gourmet Farmer Deli Book...Have you ever heard of Saag Paneer? 

Drinking: Apple and Cinnamon Hot Toody...from Eleanor's beautiful book 

Reading: About how to make bresaola and pickled pork in the Gourmet Farmer book

Wanting: More consistent weather

Looking: Forward to having a freezer stocked with beef again (the home butcher came on the weekend)

Playing: With Bambi and Rilla

Deciding: To finish filling in this list for once!

Wishing: I wasn't having so much trouble growing carrots this year

Enjoying: Eating from the garden almost every day 

Waiting: To try our own homegrown pork for the first time...cut up day is tomorrow and roast pork is on the menu!

Liking: Spending time with the weaner calves. They really are at the loveliest age!

Wondering: If Sage the ewe will have twins or not

Loving: Letting Bambi have a play with the sheep in the yards. She's too young to do any real work yet, but I feel it's time to "switch her on".

Pondering: Whether or not to write my next pattern before I finish my Clara Sweater

Considering: Having a yarn destash. I've seriously got way too much Organic Cotton stockpiled

Buying: Bannetons for my sourdough

Watching: The Call the Midwife series on DVD

Hoping: My sourdough will rise. Despite it always rising, with each new loaf I can't help but hope it does!

Marvelling: At the strength and hatching ability of baby chickens

Cringing: At the thought of the "turning over" of the freezer the day after meat-packing day

Needing: Some time to de-cream the last batches of milk, turn the cream into cultured butter and make another lot of cheese

Questioning: The decision to plant so many flower seeds with the limited garden space. I can't come at chucking thriving seedlings due to space shortage, I'm going to have to squeeze them in!

Smelling: Dinner cooking

Wearing: My hair in different kinds of braids 

Noticing: How it seems to be damp every June

Knowing: Tomorrow will be full on and I won't get time to bake

Thinking: About how great it would be if I grew enough beetroot to pickle some

Admiring: The different coloured blooms that are covering my violas. I've never had them do so well

Sorting: Washing...does it ever end?  

Getting: Ready for the arrival of our little piglets on the weekend. They are all sows and one is spotted!

Bookmarking: Nothing

Coveting: A cardigan like the one Kate just made. Perhaps my next large project?

Disliking: The taste of olive leaf extract. Seriously disgusting stuff, and if I wasn't sure it knocked colds on the head there's no way you'd get me near it!

Opening: A parcel of yarn, for sock making, from here

Giggling: Over my "hedge" of sugar-snap peas. I found an unused packet of seed in my box that was supposed to be planted by 2013, so I threw the whole lot in to a 10cm row, thinking one or two may shoot. I've managed to count thirty-six. I think I'll have to thin them out.

Feeling: Like watching a chick-flick and eating a bar of chocolate. Sadly there's none of the latter in the house!

Snacking: On homegrown passionfruits and Lemon Coconut Truffles (another recipe from My Petite Kitchen)

Helping: My Mum with her knitting. It seems crazy as she used to help me with mine when I was first learning, but it's been so long since she has knitted that our roles have been reversed.

Hearing: The Guinea Fowl making their unique (and irritating) noise as they settle into their tree for the night.


Goodness me, that was quite a list! I've tried to fill it out several times in the past week but then decided it would be boring for you to read. But after seeing a few of my favourite blogs do it lately, I thought it was time to join the party. I know my last post was written in list form, and if you're new here, fear not, I do write in paragraphs most of the time. There has been so many things happening here on different topics lately that I couldn't think of a better way to combine them all in one post, so here we are! Thank-you to Pip for sharing this list :-)

If you've made it to here then thank-you for reading along!
I hope your week is going well


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  1. My goodness, I am exhausted just reading your list! Your piggies are lovely. xx

    1. It is quite a read! Yes I'm excited about our new piglets too :-)

  2. These posts are so much fun! Hooray for bannetons...did you get the cane/natural variety or the plastic version? That puppy...oh my goodness. x

    1. I got the natural ones...I saw the plastic variety and thought they weren't nearly as appealing! :-)

    2. That is good Sarah...I have a large stash of the natural ones, I experimented with a plastic one because I thought it would be easier to clean. The dough stuck to it and it became my enemy...and a waste of money!

  3. Saag is great! Have you experimented with making your own paneer yet? It is one of the few super-simple "cheeses" that we often make at home. It would be a breeze for you after all of your other experiments. :)

    1. Yes I made the Paneer specifically for this dish as that's how the Gourmet Farmer book is sort of has recipes for the basics and then at the end of the chapter has delicious recipes for you to use those ingredients in :-)

    2. Sounds like a great book! Hubby got very excited when I first showed him how I made paneer and bought me a cheese making recipe book, but I haven't yet been brave enough to try anything other than simple fresh cheeses.

    3. Oh cheese making isn't hard at all, even though it looks daunting! The book we use is Home Cheesemaking (I've got it listed on my library page) The best cheese to start with is Fetta. Halloumi is heaps of fun to make too! If you ever want to talk Cheesemaking, I'm happy to :-)

  4. :) I just might take you up on that when I start experimenting!


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