Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Here & Now

Loving // Golden wintry afternoons, wood fires at night (and sometimes during the day!) and watching sweet cheeky Bambi grow up

Eating // Homemade cultured butter (a first), lettuce and basil from the garden, ham from our local free range pork producer, and tomatoes from the shop and wood-fired ciabatta from the local artisan deli. This is a back up, out-of-ideas dinner. It's also a rare gourmet treat, that could only have been made better by a loaf of homemade sourdough...

Drinking // Fresh milk warmed with Loving Earth Cocoa and organic Rapadura - heaven in a cup

Wearing // My woolen cape from Pretty Parcel. It keeps the strong winter winds from biting through my clothes when I'm doing farm chores

Feeling // That the world is filled with possibility, and obstacles

Making // Progress on my Clara Sweater and on a few other knitting projects 

Thinking // About my next pattern I hope to release soon, and about all the little Tea Mice that are being created around the globe

Dreaming // Of baking sourdough once new starter is coming to life; I'm hoping to bake with it this weekend

What is happening in your Here & Now?
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I hope your week is going well


  1. That last photo has me lusting for country air and the chill of a country winter.

    1. Thank-fully our country winters aren't too chill up this end of the country :-)

  2. Gorgeous light in your photos as always Sarah. Homemade cultured butter sounds incredible x

    1. Thank-you Jane! Homemade butter is pretty special, but cultured just makes it even more divine, I believe :-)

  3. Ahhh, your golden light is just so beautiful!

  4. Your pics are simply mesmerizing and you've captured the scenes just perfectly. I always enjoy your Here & Now posts but especially when they are filled with home-grown goodness. Have a happy day,
    hugs xx

    1. Thank-you Gilly! I hope you have a lovely day too x

  5. Your golden tones in your shots are beautiful Sarah! So many things to be thankful for! And your eats sound out of this world! Can't wait to hear more about your sourdough as I have never made it before and would like to learn! Here is to a lovely weekend!! Nicole xoxo

  6. The homemade butter sounds just delicious, I'd be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    The light you've captured in your photos is stunning. x


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