Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here & Now

 Loving // our Missy-Moo milking cow. She's an absolute pet. I've of course always been very fond of her, having raised her on a bottle from a newborn. But since she has become a milking cow I feel even more attached to her; so grateful to her that she not only produces enough milk to feed us and her own baby, but that she lets us have it.

Eating // mangoes, lychees and dragon fruits.

Drinking // herbal teas. I'm making a concerted effort to incorporate them into my diet more. 

Wearing // gumboots, and wearing them with gladness! They haven't yet become an 'everyday shoe', but having to put them on just even once or twice made me happy.

Feeling // that the world is not a very nice place. Everything seems so very unsteady at the moment, right across the globe. I feel ever so grateful for our little patch, our place of peace. It feels like a sanctuary. 

Wanting // to feel a little more certain about the future. I really haven't a clue what this year may hold. It is both an exciting thought, and a daunting one.

Thinking // about how much we have achieved in what is really a relatively short amount of time. Recently was our 'moving in here anniversary'. In just three short years we have accomplished so much on this block of land; I wonder what the next three years will hold for here.

Dreaming // of the autumnal growing season, of the lush grass that usually comes with March and April.


What are you dreaming of, feeling like or loving right now? 
Please share in the comments below, or on your own blog if you like!

Sarah x


  1. Loving the pictures, i'm hoping to develop my photgraphy this year and dreaming of getting my tiny business (making flwoer crowns and natural brial accessories) off the ground this year, so that I can eventually make the leap and make it my day job.

    I've been eating home made pizzas - we've made a cob and brick mini pizza oven in the back garden. We've only got a tiny place but hoping i can grow some strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and beans this year once it warms up a bit. Snow on the ground currently - but only a sprinkling. I may nab this layout for my own blog, I've only just started but it's a lovely idea!

    :) Hope you get a good amount of rain and the grass grows nice and green and lush for you and missy-moo :D

    1. I hope you end up doing all those lovely things Rachel! I love the sound of your pizza oven. It's amazing what you can grow in a small space. I'll have to check out your blog x

  2. I love your sentiment regarding your cow. and i am hoping that the world will be a kinder place.. little by little.. xx

  3. Lovely post ... isn't it amazing what you can achieve in such a short time. It never ceases to amaze me. Gosh, I wear my gummies every day .. and to think I used to wear high heels daily. Eek, thank heavens we can see the light! LOL

    1. It is amazing. I'm in riding boots every day around here, except when the whether gets wet, or if I'm organised I remember to change to gummies when a trough needs cleaning out :-)

  4. Such a beautiful list and your photos are stunning. The little chooks scratching in the mulch are adorable. x


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