Saturday, June 01, 2019

Show Time

The local show was on last weekend, and I went along for a few hours to have a look at the different happenings. I'd been along already the week before to drop off some of my knitted things, having decided to enter them in.

I hadn't originally planned to enter anything in the show, hence the last-minute decision. I was teaching a knitting class the evening before, and one of the ladies attending also happened to be part of the show society. It came up in conversation, and when she asked if I'd entered anything, I replied that no I hadn't. I went on to add that I didn't think I really had anything worth entering.

She told us how one year they didn't have enough entries in the flower section, so she had to race home and cut some roses and gerberas, just to fill up the display. They ended up winning ribbons, but the main point is that having a full display is what's important. For a little show like ours, it can be hard for them to have the displays nice and full. This year it was, and it was nice to have played a small part in that.

An entry in the 'Mongrel Dog Parade' - a family friendly competition that allows people to take part in several fun competitions with their beloved pet

I enjoy looking at all the other entries - paintings, photographs, even the cakes - and to be able to provide something for other people to have a look at is nice. It doesn't matter whether you win the grand prize, it's about contributing and being a part of the local show. After all, if everyone couldn't be bothered entering or didn't enter because they were afraid of not winning something, how empty and disappointing would the show be?
I'll definitely be entering some other things again next year. If they win something, that is really lovely, but if not I will still be happy as I was this year to have taken part.

Have you entered something in the show before? If not, please do next time your local show comes around! Think about how much you like looking at everything, and help contribute to the display. It's fun, and entering without a thought of winning makes it more enjoyable. It removes the pressure of "is my work good enough?" and just lets you enjoy being a part of a local community event. And, if you do win something, think how delighted you'll be!

I hope you're keeping warm this cold weekend,


PS I entered 5 items and 2 of them received 2nd prize. I was pretty chuffed!

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  1. I love looking at show entries but I have not entered anything before myself. Well done for taking up the challenge. I hope small country shows continue to exist!

  2. Beautiful!
    That would be a very lovely feeling. Xx


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