Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Knit It: Mini Jumper Pattern

How are you going? Did you have a good New Year & Christmas? I spent most of my break knitting, and since the New Year it's been all systems go here with the Pop-up shop. I opened that 2 weeks ago and have just 2 weeks left. January is going by in a bit of a whirl!
I'll write more about the pop-up shop another day, today I wanted to share with you my first pattern for 2019. I published my Mini Jumper pattern on the weekend and am very excited at how well it's been received!

These little jumpers are a lot of fun to make and measure just 11 - 10 cm long from the hem to the neck. They make lovely little decorations and are just too cute!
These are knitted in-the-round from the bottom up, a similar construction to full-sized jumpers knitted in that if you'd like to knit yourself a garment but are feeling a bit frightened, why not knit one of these minis first to get a feel for how garments go together?

This pattern also involved Fair Isle colourwork, which you might know if my favourite kind of knitting. It's lots of fun and very simple, so if you haven't tried it before don't be shy! You can, of course, leave the Fair Isle pattern off and knit it in one solid colour. The results are just as cute!

I've been asked a lot about the coathangers that mine are displayed on. They're from a doll's set that I borrowed just for these jumpers, but a quick search on Etsy revealed lots of doll-sized coathangers.
I thought these ones were pretty, and these ones looked quite good too.

You can find the pattern for the Mini Jumper on my website here and also on Ravelry here. I hope you'll have fun knitting one! They would make sweet Christmas decorations, too.

I hope you have a good rest-of-week!
Happy knitting,

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