Sunday, October 21, 2018

Knitting Mini Elf Hats

This Mini Elf Hat is one of those accidental-designs. I fully intended to design it, but originally it was a component in something else. I wasn't happy with the other half of the design, but rather than work on it like I usually do, I got quite distracted with the cuteness of these hats, and I just had to keep knitting more.

I published the pattern for the Mini Elf Hats mid last week, and the response was absolutely lovely. It's such a nice feeling to receive so many messages from people letting me know how much they love the little hat ornament, too.
The main idea of these is to knit them as a hanging ornament, but there are also so many other things you can do with them! They are the perfect size to adorn the heads of those cute little peg dolls that seem to be on trend at the moment, and they also fit other toys, too. You could knit one as a festive outfit for your little one's toys, or make one in solid grey for a wizard's hat.
Milton the Mouse quite likes them in all colours and likes to wear his everywhere.

Another use for them is to send them as a little gift inside Christmas cards or add them to the top of a wrapped present alongside the tag and ribbon for a handmade touch.

The Mini Elf hat is knitted in fingering weight (4ply) yarn, and the pattern includes instructions for a short pointed hat or one with a long floppy tail.
It's a beginner friendly pattern, and the hats are so fast to make you could complete several in an afternoon. They could be your project today!

You can find the Mini Elf Hat pattern in my shop here and on Ravelry here.

Happy knitting, and have a lovely Sunday!


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  1. Those are adorable! They would definitely make gorgeous little toppers for wrapped presents.

  2. too cute - love these.
    (grow gather enjoy)

    1. Thanks so much Laura! They are heaps of fun to make :-)


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