Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Knitting with Multiple Colours

Knitting colour work has been a favourite of mine since I first tried it, several years ago when I knitted a mini Christmas stocking. One day I plan to knit a jumper with a patterned yoke, but I've yet to find the right pattern for that.
In the meantime, I'm content to have fun playing with colours, which is just what I did for this project. I wanted to knit a rainbow Darling Dots beanie, and with the Beanies & Berets KAL underway, I thought now was a perfect time. I chose my colours, deciding on a different colour for each pattern repeat, giving me a total of six different coloured spots on a white background.
It can sometimes be tricky to guess how colours will work together once knitted. How colours appear in whole balls or skeins can be vastly different than how they blend together once knitted, which is why I decided to do a colour swatch.

Swatching for colour takes hardly any time at all, and it gives you a chance to make any changes without it meaning you have to rip back hours of knitting. If you start to second guess your colour choices once you begin your swatch, keep going.
I was unsure about the row of Dusty Pink spots right after the bright Raspberry, but I kept going, and by the time I had added the next two colours, I liked the way the soft pink worked. If at the end of swatching you're still not happy, don't undo your swatch. Leave it there as you cast on the next one, and then you can compare them at the end.

I was happy with my first swatch, so after that, I quickly cast on for the beanie. That was the extent of any speed for the project for over a week it turns out, as a busy week followed I didn't finish the rib band for about 10 days (a ridiculous amount of time for something so small)!
Luckily, a weekend happened to line up with the beginning of the colour work, and knitting Fair Isle is something I find addictive, so I had a colourful beanie in no time.

Now I simply need to darn in the ends, add a pompom and it's finished!
I'll make sure I post a picture of it finished here.

What are you working on at the moment?
Do you like playing with colour, or do you work in single shades?

Have a lovely week!


Project Details:
Pattern: Darling Dots Beanie
Yarn: Nettle Sock Yarn in Cream with Fern, Raspberry, Dusty Pink, Heather, Lavender & Purple spots.

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