Saturday, June 02, 2018

Winter Thoughts

Winter is here and with it the realisation that we are at the halfway point of this year. Where did it go? This year has been a blur of things, filled with so many new beginnings in both small and big ways. In some ways, it feels like it was a long time ago that I was unpacking boxes and trying to find my way around this new town and state, and in other ways, it seems like it wasn't long ago at all.

I'm busy working on a new project, and it's at that annoying early stage where there are lots of questions to ask myself, lots of wondering and lots of just trying things. I'm hoping to be able to share more about it with you sooner rather than later, but I will say that the loaf of banana bread pictured above has something to do with the project, even though the project is nothing is to do with food. Well, that's a bit of a cryptic sentence, isn't it?

I've finished my Carbeth Cardigan - on the second last day of May I stitched the buttons on. I'm pretty chuffed that it's my first garment started and completed all in the one month. It's been so cold and windy that I've been a bit of a naughty knitter, though. I haven't blocked it yet, because I've just wanted to wear it. I was really glad to have it on just the other day whilst running errands around town in the freezing cold wind. I'll blog about the cardigan soon because I've even photographed it unblocked! Never mind.
I heard from a local that whenever it's snowing in the Snowy Mountains, we get icy cold winds here. Hopefully, they don't last too long, because it's beautifully sunny outside but the wind just ruins it. I've been lighting the wood fire every afternoon at about 4:30 to keep the cold at bay, and thankfully this house stays nice and warm.

I love observing the seasonal changes, and it's been a lovely novelty to see some autumn colour on the trees. A first for me, that I think I probably noticed more than anyone else.
There are also the usual winter signs that I'm used to - sourdough that is slower to rise, mugs that need to be warmed before adding the tea, and the constant reaching for something warm to put on before you venture outside. The days are definitely shorter now, too (a fair bit shorter than I'm used to, it's dark at least an hour earlier).

Are you noticing any seasonal changes at your place?
Are you welcoming winter or perhaps summer? Do you love cold weather as much as I do?
I'm off to do a little more work on the aforementioned project, in the hope of getting it off the ground sooner rather than later.
Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

Sarah x

PS. You can find the recipe for the Banana bread in the blog archives here.
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  1. I love Winter (even though it's fairly mild here in Brisbane) because I like rugging up in woolies and scarves and slothing around at home in my trackies & socks. NOT very stylish but kinda indulgent! Meg:)

    1. Haha, it doesn't have to be stylish if it's comfy! I even had a pyjama day this weekend :-)

  2. I'm down in Tassie and it's been beautiful these last few days.. Very nippy in the mornings, but the days are glorious.. Nothing like slippers and a cuppa in front of the heater after you come in from work ❤️

    1. Being near the fire is the best! Although I suspect you're a tad colder in Tassie than we are here :-)

  3. Is it essential to block? I've never done it and don't know how!! I love winter; cosy homes, warm clothes, fires, quilting!

    1. It's not always essential to block, only some projects need it. This particular cardigan will benefit from a block to make the button bands sit more smoothly :-)
      Lace and shawls always benefit from a block, but things with a lot of ribbing (like the Clara Bow Sweater I made) don't have to be, and actually shouldn't be, blocked :-)
      Blocking is pretty easy, there are a couple of ways to do it, but they mostly involve wetting the item, pinning out flat and to the desired shape without stretching and leaving to dry.

  4. Hey Sarah,
    We get the biting cold winds off the snow in Canberra - I'm slowly getting re-acclimitised after many years away. I do enjoy the winter but more for the full appreciation of all season rather than a love of cold. If only we had a wood fire I think i'd be much more comfortable, but ducted gas heating will have to do.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your secretive and cryptic project.
    Keep warm,

    1. Isn't windy weather in winter the worst? I'm enjoying winter so far, but I think Autumn will always be my most favourite :-)

  5. We are having a heatwave in Surrey,England. The garden is not coping and it hasn't rained properly in several weeks.We are all wishing for a bit of cooler weather and proper downpour. Cold weather makes cups of tea taste better :) x

    1. I hope it's cooled off a bit for you now, Veronika! Heatwaves are no fun at all.


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