Monday, May 14, 2018

Tea Mouse Parade (Knit Along)

From top left: Mini Christmas Mouse by Amanda; Tea Mouse's Party by @pawstostitch. Bottom: A group of Tea Mice knitted from the kits by Jennifer 

The Tea Mouse Knit-Along ended on Thursday, and what a fun KAL it was! For many, it was their first time knitting a toy, and I think everyone did an outstanding job. It was an absolute pleasure seeing the many Mice appear. I've tried to share them all here, I hope I haven't missed any! Many of the Tea Mice had little friends made too. There really isn't anything cuter than a group of them!

Top: Pink pair by @coleandtaffy; Millicent & friends by Jane
Bottom: Family group knitted with the kits by Sandra; Another family group by Kristie
Top: Turquoise mouse by Jaime; Hand dyed mini mouse by Kellie
Bottom: Little grey mouse by Theresa; Crocheted version also by Jaime
Top: Pink organic wool mouse by Judy; Buttercup mouse by Jan
Bottom: Pink mouse by Glenda; Mini Christmas Mouse by Amanda

Top: Mouse by with Green Tea Kit by Lynda; Purple mouse by Gilly
Bottom: Yellow Mouse by Nanette; Purple Mouse by Elizabeth
Top: Pair knitted by winner Sharon; A Green Tea Mouse by Rebecca
Bottom: Knitted by Jenny; Milly knitted by Carla

Aren't they cute?
Most of these were shared in the Facebook group, but some were also posted on Instagram.
I've loved running these past 2 KALs, seeing how it brings people together to chat with each other. Connecting over craft really is the best!
If you missed out on participating in this Knit Along, I will be holding more later this year. However, this is the last KAL before Knitfest. Many of the mice were made using the organic cotton kits, some were made with thicker or thinner yarn, and each one definitely has it's own personality.

The winner of the KAL was drawn by random number generator again and was Sharon, who made the orange and pink mice.

And finally, my little Tea Mouse that I made as part of the Knit-Along is below. She completes my set of four nicely, I think and will be on display at Knitfest. You'll also be able to purchase kits for her colourway there, too. (Although the yarn is already in the shop!).

Which mouse is your favourite? I really couldn't pick one!

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  1. Thank you so much for including them all on the blog Sarah :) They look awesome all together!! Thank you very much for organising the KAL, but mostly thank you for an inspiring pattern xo

    1. Thank YOU for joining in, Kellie! Your little hand dyed Tea Mouse is so cute, and I can't believe that you dyed the yarn for it, too! xx

  2. Thank you for the kal ... each and every Tea Mouse is so precious. This KAL has been so inspiring .. thank you again

    1. Thank you for joining in Helen! I'm glad you've enjoyed it x

  3. They are soooo cute! Congratulations to all


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