Saturday, April 21, 2018

Autumn Changes

The weather has changed, and this time I think the cold isn't a "snap", but here to stay. The days are getting shorter and cooler, with the evening chill creeping in earlier and earlier, and taking longer to leave in the morning. And the light is getting more golden.
I've started warming up my mug in the morning before pouring the tea so that it holds the heat for longer. A mug cosy helps, too.
These pretty teacups came from a little shop in town, and they are just perfect. I love having a cup and saucer, but I find traditional teacups so small. These cups hold a nice sized cup of tea, and you still get the "teacup" experience. It's odd how a pretty cup can make your meal feel so much more special.

I've been training myself to get better at "switching off". Not just from my business, but from everything. Switching off the to-do list on all topics at the end of the day, not letting my mind start straight on it of a morning, and trying to keep it turned off for a weekend. Listening to my body and just having a rest if that's what I need, rather than doing lots of other things, be it housework, business work or sometimes even just crafting.
I'm reminded of that feeling you get as a child, where you know you're tired but you feel like you're missing out, so you keep going anyway. As adults, we really aren't any different, except now our mum isn't there to tell us to have a quieter day, or go to bed on time!

It's amazing the difference a bit of downtime can make, though. Be it just lying down for half an hour, or sitting quietly with a cup of tea just watching the world go by (and for me that's always accompanied by at least one Border Collie demanding a pat) - it gives your mind time to rest, to have your thoughts to yourself.
This used to be a normal practice for me, but over the years I've gotten increasingly worse at not taking any downtime. I think moving interstate made it a worse because whether you like it or not, moving house is a busy and tiring thing to do.

But now that I'm feeling more settled, I've realised it's important to pull back and just breathe. It can be a little trickier to do when you actually enjoy whats keeping you on your toes.
I enjoy my business, and I enjoy running an organised house. I love knitting, and sometimes I stay up a little bit too late because of "just one more row". But I also enjoy feeling energised in the morning and having time for some quiet thinking.

So here I am, enjoying a nice start to the weekend after a gentler start to the day led to flicking through some cookbooks. I ended up with my favourite, Petite Kitchen, and trying the recipe for Buckwheat Pancakes with Orange and Honey for the first time became an impromptu girls brunch.
Now the washing is in the machine and the house has had a little tidy, so I'm going to spend a few hours just doing not much at all.

Later on, there will be knitting, and there's a sourdough pizza to look forward to for dinner. I might pull out the zucchini plants that have turned up their toes (the cold nights are clearly too much for them!), or I might take the dogs for a little walk. One thing is for certain - I'm leaving this weekend list-free so that I can just go with what feels right.

How about you?
I hope you're making some time for doing the things you like!

Sarah x

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  1. I found myself nodding in agreement right through your post.....yesto warming my teacup in the mornings...the pot always gets a warm., yesto switching off...I was stretched out on the day bed, the sun a gentle warmth on me, enjoying my book, when suddenly I thought I must get up and 'do something'. And I did, started some sewing. When I read your post though I wondered why, there's no-one to say I must. So I'm off outside now with a cuppa,my book,a dog and a bone...we'll enjoy some sitting timeuntilit's walk time. Thanks for the reminder Sarah :) What's your beautiful tan border collie's name ?

    1. I do that a lot, go and do something because I "should". It's a hard habit to break :-)
      My brown girl is Bambi, and my black and white BC is Rilla :-)

  2. Even just reading your post made my shoulders drop :) xo

  3. I don't drink tea but I love teacups! I have a special one, given to me by a lovely friend, that I sip my hot winter chocolates from. Your look lovely too. Sometimes, doing "nothing" can be hard and I wonder if that's because we feel it unproductive or "wasted time" but, as you are rediscovering, it's really a restorative thing. Meg:)

    1. It's nice to have a special cup, although I seem to be gathering a collection of "special" cups! x

  4. List free sounds so lovely! Especially with a side order of demanding puppy pats. :)

  5. Thanks for the reminder Sarah...I seem to constantly be doing things lately...planning, cleaning, cooking, gardening, doing stuff for the kids and never stopping. Beautiful photos from your place as usual.

    1. It's so, so easy to just keep going. Especially as women, there is always one more thing to do, or someone who needs our attention/help with something. I think it's really important to stop and just take a moment x

  6. Beautiful photos, Sarah. You are so right about taking time out to look after ourselves. I feel relaxed just reading your post. Those teacups are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Meredithe! I'm glad my post was helpful x

  7. I do still feel as though I'm "missing out" if I go to bed too early (which, when I DO give in to an early-to-bed, feels so sublime!); and it is most difficult for me to "just be" as I feel I could or should be doing some cleaning or organizing, etc. As anyone would tell you, I am the one always saying to "take care of yourself so you can take care of others" ... I need to start practicing what I preach! Thanks for the reminder!


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