Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Blogging Drought

I wanted so much to get one more blog post written and published in the month of October, but before I knew it the days had gone by and here we are. Into November, and into a first for this blog where it has been a whole fortnight since I published my last blog post.
It's been crazy busy here, with disruptions coming in many forms, including the weather with big afternoon storms rolling in with lots of thunder and lightning. I love afternoon storms though, and it's lovely to see the grass turning green and the dam full once again.
In between the busy (a word I am getting tired of quickly and hope I can stop using so much by the end of this year!), there has still been knitting. I've been knitting gifts though, and ornaments for the swap, so I can't really blog about any of it. I've reached the end of my "must knit" list for the first time since early this year, and with the freedom of no deadline, I didn't know what to cast on next.
So I decided to leave it until inspiration struck, and have instead pulled out my spinning wheel.

You may remember my 100 days of spinning challenge, and I must confess that I have decided not to do it anymore. Things came along (see disruptions mentioned above!) that have meant that even if I put in my absolute best effort, the daily spinning just wasn't going to happen. But in the short time that I practised daily spinning, I got into a good rhythm with it, and I was pleased to find out that after not spinning for two weeks, I hadn't forgotten how to peddle and just slid right back into it with ease. I'm still dubious as to the actual quality of my spun yarn, but it will certainly improve with practice. The yarn I am spinning at the moment is the first one I am attempting to have some creative control over, and it's fun.

I'm hoping to get a little more blogging done this month than I did last, which if you know me you're probably shaking your head at and wondering what I'm thinking. In reality, writing a blog post doesn't actually take me very long, it's finding the headspace to do it. When my mind is busy I do have a little bit of trouble sitting down and composing a blog post.
At the same time as loving writing here, I've also realised that it's ok if I don't get to blog as often as I used to. It's much easier to go with the flow than try and keep something the way it used to be when so much else has changed.

I wonder what's been happening in your world lately?
Are you trying to go with the flow or are you keeping control over things?
Are you tired of the word busy, too?

I hope you're having a good week!
Sarah x

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  1. Totally understand, I used to feel bad if I don't post every week too, but sometimes I haven't done/made anything worth blogging about or life/work just get in the way. Basically when it happens, it happens. You're probably on IG a little more, so people can see what you are up to anyway.

  2. Hi Sarah. Nice to see your post pop up. Life is crazy isn't it? But, blogging is a good way to reflect on it all sometimes. I love those tiny daisies in your photo. Take care x

    1. Life can be crazy! I prefer it when it's a little less so ;-)
      Hope you have a lovely weekend Jane x

  3. So sick of us all being busy! Everyone I talk to says how busy they are. Keep a pen and notebook with you to jot down notes which you can later use as inspiration for your writing. Take heart xx

    1. It's a bit like that at this time of year isn't it! I try not to tell people I'm really busy, because that can be really boring haha!

  4. I gave up trying to blog consistently years ago. My droughts can be much longer than two weeks and I don't sweat it. I'm no blogging superstar, so what's it matter. I've got my peeps in this little online space and it's all good. So, so, so want a peek at your knitted ornaments.

    1. I so want to share those knitted ornaments! Alas, it's not a secret santa swap on my end - as the organiser of course my partner knows who I am :-)

  5. I write posts when I have time and when I have something to share. Sometimes, that every other day and sometimes just once a week. I don't stress if I don't get a post done, it sits there in the drafts until I feel ready to finish it. Meg:)

  6. I am totally going with the flow. Things happen, there is no point in planning, just taking it as it comes and doing things one at a time. At least that's the theory, the truth is that I have been worrying about everything that has to be done, but I am trying really hard not to let it get to me too much. I would love to see some more pictures of your spun yarn! And if you are doubting the quality, just use the bulk and make a blanket out of it, as long as it is warm and pretty colours, nobody will worry about the yarn being too thin somewhere and too thick somewhere else ;)


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