Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taking a Break

It's sometimes hard to take a break when you're doing something you love, but I did just that over the Easter long weekend. Everything has been a bit of a whirl since I announced I was opening my yarn shop, and with so many different knitting and wool based plans in the works all at once, most days my desk looks like a creative yarn bomb went off!
I've learnt however, from both personal experience and that of my family around me, that it's so important to take the breaks when they come to you. It's much better to stop and have a short break when you don't really feel like you need one, rather than let yourself keep running at full steam ahead until one day you suddenly run out of steam and by the time you stop, you need a really loooong break, and you're not that excited to get back to it.

It's hard to understand if you've never done it, but it is completely possible to burn yourself out even doing something you're passionate about. In fact, I'd say it's easier.

So, over the weekend I completely switched off social media and didn't log into my inbox. I'd realised I'd gotten a little hyper, by my standards, with the Instagram and email checking, and it was good to break the cycle with a complete break. There's really no need to check in every hour.
It gave me time to get my pattern together that I'll be publishing tomorrow, but aside from that I left all other work alone.

I spent time knitting, with my dogs and just chilling out in general. Yesterday I spent time with family as we filled the bare veggie patch with lots of little seedlings. This morning it will be such a delight to go and check on them, give them some seaweed to help them settle in and cover up the kale and tat soi with bug mesh before anything finds them.
There was sourdough baked and shared, and a lovely day out to just meander around the shops before seeing a movie in the afternoon. Have you been to see Beauty & the Beast? I absolutely loved it. I'm not really a musical person, but Beauty & the Beast is one that I loved watching as a child, so I wanted to go and see the new version. It was very enjoyable, and quite funny too.
The nearest cinema is almost an hour and a half drive away, which makes the day a long one. One benefit of no longer having the livestock though means that it's alright to get home after dark.

After a good break I'm so happy to return to my usual routine (which seems a bit of a no-routine, but it works!), with lots of woolly things in the works it's hard for me not to talk about them all.

The best time of year is here and it's wonderful to have every little thing more achievable and, importantly, more enjoyable in glorious weather.

I hope you also took the opportunity to enjoy a break and just breathe this Easter weekend.

Happy new week!

Sarah x

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  1. Lovely post and all so true! Have a beautiful day and week. xoRobin

  2. Great advice! Hope I can follow it ... some day! :)

  3. Hello Sarah...I find it very hard to take a break when I am ay home. I really need to get right away from my normal routines & tasks to take a proper break. This happens rarely so perhaps I need to concentrate on taking 'home breaks'! Your bread looks lovely as always. Jane x

    1. It's hard to get breaks when you're at home, isn't it? There's always something to do! I find it tricky working from home but I did manage it over Easter :-)

  4. I have taken a longer break before easter. I went to visit my parents for five days and I just drank tea and met up with friends and it was completely lovely. Sometimes you just need a little brain detox :)

  5. It's true. sometimes we're just too caught up and forget to take some time to breathe. Hope you got the time that you need to reenergize (and that bread looks so delicious!)


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