Friday, March 10, 2017

Here & Now | March 2017

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Loving // That it's autumn and even though the last few afternoons have been quite, quite hot, the cool is undoubtedly on the way and there are already some signs of the seasonal change
Eating // Chocolates (I blogged the recipes here)
Drinking // Mareeba Medley - a delicious black tea blend from a local maker (available online here)
Feeling // A little nervous, excited and daunted - I'm attending a nearby market tomorrow as a stall holder! It doesn't even quite feel real right now. (If you're in the area it's the Mareeba markets, on from 7-12 tomorrow!)
Making // Lists for tomorrow, decorations for the stall (including pompoms), and gingerbread to munch for morning tea
Thinking // Of an exciting project (if that's what it can be called!) I'll be able to share with you soon
Dreaming // Of cool autumn days - they shouldn't be far away!

In other news, did you catch the giveaway yesterday? There's still time to enter so hop and over and make sure you do!


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  1. The markets sound very exciting, I'm sure it will be fabulous! I also can't wait for Autumn to actually hit, it's still too hot in Perth!

    Kez |

    1. Autumn has arrived today! I'm hoping to will hang around - hopefully you get the cool soon too x

  2. Well done on the market Sarah! Your beautiful mug cosy's arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you, I love them and they look great on my enamel mugs. Looking forward to putting them into some photo soon x

    1. I was thinking they should be arriving by now, thanks so much for letting me know and I so glad you love them! x

  3. Ooohhh those chocolates look delicious!
    Hope that the market was a great and your stall did well. :)

    1. Thank-you Laura! I'm off to read your Here & Now post x

  4. Hope the market went really well. Bring on Autumn, I say!!

    1. Thank-you Meredithe, I had a lovely time at the markets. Off to read your post x


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