Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cast On | Vintage Intarsia Flower Cardigan

It's time to cast on another cardigan from Knit Vintage. I've said before that there are many patterns from this gorgeous book that I want to knit, so I decided I'd cast one on, and I hope to have this one done this year, unlike my last 3-year sweater.

I've chosen a cardigan this time, because that is what is lacking in my winter wardrobe, and something I find very hard to get at the shops. Am I the only one who can't seem to find a cardigan that's suitable for both skirts, dresses and jeans?
It can be easy with handmade clothes to simply make something because you want to, rather than approaching it like shopping - knowing what gap in your wardrobe you are there to fill, and not being distracted with other purchases. I think the same goes for handmade clothes.
That's not to say that I don't want to knit this cardigan. I think it's gorgeous, and it features a panel of intarsia flowers up each side on the front, and colourwork is my favourite kind of knitting. But my head was very nearly turned by a pretty lacy top, however I already own a white lacy top and therefore I don't need to make one.

I cast this on last week, so I'm still working the edging ribbing of the left front panel (or maybe it's the right, I can't remember). I'm balancing my knitting time between this cardigan and a pair of socks at the moment so progress isn't as speedy as it would be if this cardigan was going solo. It would also be getting along faster if Autumn would decide to arrive and actually stay.

I'm going to knit the ribbed edging longer than specified on this one. It's something I wished I'd done for my Clara Bow Sweater, and so this one will have a ribbed edging of 10cm instead of 8. The ribbing is supposed to sit on my waist, and I seem to be longer in the body than intended by the pattern. In any case I don't mind a lengthier cardigan anyway.
I've also cast on a size bigger than needed, as "my" size would have been fitted and I don't mind a bit of positive-ease (a slightly looser fit).

Pattern: Hedy Tyrolean-Pattern Cardigan from the book Knit Vintage by Madeline Weston & Rita Taylor
Yarn: WOOLganic Merino 4ply in shade Krishna, available in my shop here. I'll be using the shades Lotus, Kundalini, Kyoto and Grapefruit Moon to do the flowers

What crafty creation are you working on?
Do you love colourwork like me, or are you among those who detest it?

Happy making!

Sarah x

PS In other news, I've started Ravelry group for my blog, patterns and shop. You're welcome to come and join :-)

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  1. Crafty creations in my WIP pile, felt and embroidery birds, a medallion quilt, some EPP hexis - always something to keep me busy.

    1. Hexis are so sweet! The only thing that *almost* entices me to sew :-)

  2. lovely color. I'm trying to decide what "yarny" project I will start next. Giving the fingers a short break!

    1. Thank-you! It's good to have a break sometimes, especially after a long knitting stretch :-)

  3. Love your hedgehog clip art!! And that is going to make a very nice cardigan, love the color!!

    1. Thank-you so much Shannon! I love the hedgehog too :-)

  4. The yarn looks so soft and cuddly I can "feel" how soft it is from here! That book has got so many gorgeous patterns, I look foward to seeing all your makes from it :) xo

    1. It is so cuddly! And lightweight too. I'm looking forward to finishing it :-)


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