Monday, February 20, 2017

The Subtleties of the Seasons

The first changes in season are very subtle, probably more so in this sub-tropical climate. I was out walking the dogs last week, looking at the paddocks and it suddenly struck me that summer is beginning to wane. It's not that the temperature has particularly changed or anything, in fact nothing really has, but somehow there has been a subtle shift that seems to say that summer is on the way out.
In this climate the first month of Autumn really isn't that cold. But the biting heat does tend to leave, while in a good year the rain will still continue (fingers crossed for that this season!).
So, truthfully, I'm not sure exactly what made me think that summer is coming to it's end. Perhaps it is the long, long grass starting to go to seed. Perhaps it is the chickens growing beautiful new feathers and crests (which they'll most likely lose during Autumn). Perhaps it is the breeze that doesn't feel so summery, or the fact that the cicadas aren't singing as loudly as they were a month ago.

There's such a bounty of life around at the moment. Walking through the grass disturbs more grasshoppers, moths and other critters than I can count.
And the grass!
It's so tall, so lush, so beautifully thick. It makes my heart glad, and also a little sad. I wish circumstances had been different, that we could have held onto the cattle and sheep until this summer. Finally the rain has arrived, and in a way like it hasn't rained since the first year we moved here.

Even still, I don't regret it, it's just one of those bittersweet things that happen in life sometimes. And all of this probably sounds sadder than I mean it to - so don't think it's sad. I'm happy with the decisions we made when we made them, and rain does so much more than just provide food for our livestock.
I couldn't be more grateful for it.

There's an absolute army of seedling volunteers appearing throughout the chicken pen. I'm going to have more rosellas than I know what to do with soon, and I'm looking forward to making cordial with them.
Two basil plants were rescued from the chicken pen last week, and relocated to the herb area that is in close proximity of the kitchen. It just so happened that the day I moved them turned out to be overcast and drizzly, so they had time to settle in without the sun baking them. I think they've taken quite well.
In the meantime, the chickens will probably continue to look unimpressed about their breakfast while they have such a large amount of plants to play in, and bugs to catch.

I love getting to this halfway point of February, the very few last weeks of summer. It may still be warm in March, or even hot, but it won't be any hotter than it was in January. Once the first month of the year is gone I breath a sigh of relief, knowing the worst for the season is over.

What about you?
Do you love summer? Is the first month of Autumn a noticeable change where you live or is it a very gradual decline in warmth like it is here?

I hope you have a wonderful start to the week!

Sarah x

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  1. Our weather in Adelaide has been a bit different this year, cooler with more rain, usually it is still hot and no rain at all. It has been quite nice having the extra rain, the gardens are loving it and I've had to take out extra blankets as it is getting a bit cooler at night, although I think there are still some hot days to come.

    1. That's so wonderful that you have had good rain too! It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

  2. Lovely post and great photos! I was just thinking before I got up out of bed this morning that the days would be getting shorter in a very subtle way as they do here in Queensland and my favourite seasons are closer...I love late autumn, winter and spring.

    1. Autumn is my favourite season too! Such a beautiful time of year - not long to go now! x

  3. How I envy your green grass. We're looking at brown with a hard crunch underfoot.

    1. Oh it's hard when it's that dry! That's what we've had for the last few years. Hopefully you get some rain soon x

  4. Lovely photos as usual! I just planted some basil myself the other day, it's a bit hotter in WA I imagine, I hope they take nicely too!

    Kez |

    1. Thank-you Kez! I hope your basil settles in well x

  5. Everything has that tired, end of Summer look, doesn't it? Plants, grass, trees.....but I'm not ready to say farewell to warm days just yet. Hoping Autumn brings cool night and warm sunshine.....

    1. Yes it does! Autumn is my favourite season so I am definitely looking forward to it x


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