Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Day's Baking

Today the oven ran almost from start to finish. The prep so that the oven could run from start to finish started last night, with the mixing up of sourdough, gathering of herbs and slicing of tomatoes. The sourdough was left overnight to do it's thing, whilst the tomatoes were sliced and mixed with freshly picked and snipped oregano, sage and garlic chives, olive oil and a little pink salt. They marinated overnight, ready for turning into semi-dried tomatoes today.

I drew inspiration from Kate's how-to for my semi dried tomatoes, and after the loaf of sourdough came out of the oven I turned it way down and put the tomatoes in. Many hours later and the last slices were done - delicious, perfect semi-dried tomatoes. They're the first I've ever made and I'd love to say the tomatoes were homegrown, but they weren't. They were on a very good special at the shop so I picked up a kilo of cherry toms and brought them home. I haven't eaten any though (aside from the mandatory taste test), as they are for a special sourdough project I have in mind.

Once the tomatoes vacated the oven it was cranked back up again ready for my sourdough dinner rolls to go in. I flavoured this dough with more freshly picked herbs, and a little bit of cheese. This was my first time cooking dinner rolls and I was so pleased with how they turned out. Deliciously crusty little buns with a fluffy inner crumb that were perfect for what they were created for - an accompaniment to soup.

I always feel happy after a day spent cooking and baking. There's something that feels so good and nourishing about it, even if it was a little too hot to have the oven running all day. I blame the heat on the complete lack of tomato photos!

Do you like baking and cooking or is it something you avoid at all costs?

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  1. Hi Sarah
    Your baking day sounds like pure bliss! I love to bake, and bread-making brings me so much pleasure.
    I can't wait to try some of your sourdough recipes.
    Your semi dried tomatoes sound delicious!
    Sherry x

  2. Oooh those dinner rolls looks delicious. Your posts on baking always make me want to run to the kitchen :) xo

    1. They were very delicious, even if I say so myself ;-)

  3. I just about drooled reading about the prep for the tomatoes :) With only the two of us I don't bake too often but I did bake bread on the weekend.

  4. I am soooooo going to try these tomatoes!

  5. These look wholesome and delicious Sarah. I have also been baking sourdough dinner rolls lately, I find them quicker than big loaves and the kids love them too. I would be lost without and baking and cooking and cannot even imagine life without it. x


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