Thursday, October 13, 2016

Knit It | Neapolitan Ice Cream Washcloth Pattern

The first of the warmer months are always welcome after winter, and this time of year usually has me thinking of trips to the beach - picnics and ice cream eating included! These little daydreams made me suddenly realise that I had COMPLETELY neglected to share my knitting pattern for Neapolitan Ice Cream Washcloths.
I have a good excuse, I promise. I published this pattern in August, along with three other knitting patterns and my eBook, and there was lots of other things going on too. Really there was.

Anyway, excuses and reasons aside, lets get into the delicious details of this pattern!

This washcloth is worked in DK (8ply) yarn on 3.75mm (US 5) needles. I designed this one to be beginner friendly - knitted in stocking stitch with a simple garter stitch edge to prevent rolling over, and the stripe sequence is easy-peasy to follow.

You could use this for a washcloth, dishcloth or even a block in a blanket! There are endless colour combination possibilities.
Also included:

- Link to video tutorial on how to carry colours up the side of work
- Easy to follow English instructions perfect for beginner knitters 
- Complete list of materials needed & quantity needed
- Contact details for troubleshooting 

The pattern is available as an instant digital download in both my blog shop and Ravelry store.

I hope you enjoy making your very own Neapolitan Ice Cream Washcloth!

Happy knitting,

Sarah x

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  1. The words that inspired me in this post, Sarah, were 'Perfect for BEGINNER Knitters'!!! I also love the colours you have used. When you say, "wash cloth", do they work well as a face washer? Or more as a kitchen wettex?

    1. Thank you Margareta! If you knit them up in a cotton they're perfect for either face washers or to scrub the dishes with. They're soft on skin but also last super well in the kitchen too - I was so surprised the first time a used one in the kitchen how well it worked and how many years it lasted! And you just throw them into the washing machine with the other linen :-)

  2. You know I cant knit Sarah...but I do love these colours and the thought of neapolitan ice cream! x

    1. Thank you Jane! I wouldn't mind an ice cream right about now either :-) x

  3. You ice cream inspiration is as timely as it is pretty, thank you! x

    1. You're welcome Kellie and thank-you for such a lovely comment! x

  4. I love making and using wash cloths, mine are crocheted but I will definitely try these knitted ones next! I love knitting but I'm not very good at it (mines kinda holey) thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. I hope you enjoy them Ann! And if you're after crocheted washcloth inspiration you'll want to check out Kellie's delightful blog: :-)


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