Friday, June 24, 2016

June on Film + Some Extras

Time seems to be flying at the moment! It is time share June on Film, and I think you'll really enjoy this month's edition.
I'm really enjoying making these little films every month. This one features lots of chickens; Silkies to be exact which are just too cute not to capture in motion!
Before we get into it though, I've a couple of things I'd like to share with you (and I think you'll like!)

// At the beginning of the videos there is a shot of me rinsing sprouted grain. I wrote about how to sprout grains for your chickens (and other animals) last year.

// If you'd like to read a sweet fictional story that will make you smile, then you must read The Tale of Two Friends over on Dolly Henry.

// Lhami is offering you 25% off all facial skincare products with this code EOFYSALE - you've only a few days left to use it!

// And if you've some time to do some browsing, you simply have to visit Mary Kilvert's gorgeous online store. I've been following Mary on Instagram for a little while, but I hopped over to her website for the first time this evening. It's beautiful.

Now, enjoy the film below and have a lovely weekend!

Sarah x

Music // Black Beauty by Bert Kaempfert

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour les recettes j'ai essayé la première, les muffins chocolat dattes, délicieux, vraiment un régal.
    Quelle sera la prochaine?

    Les animaux ont l'air très heureux sur la vidéo, bravo et merci beaucoup. très amusante vidéo.
    C'est joyeux l'hiver chez vous.


    1. Thank-you so much Mrytille. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the video again, and that you've tried one of the recipes.

      Happy baking!
      Sarah x

      Merci - vous tant Mrytille . Je suis tellement heureux que vous avez apprécié à nouveau la vidéo , et que vous avez essayé l'une des recettes .

      cuisson heureux!
      Sarah x

  2. love love love !
    IS it paradise ! And the music is just so appropriate.
    Have a great weekend from Switzerland, we lost Spring somehow and Summer is now beating hard !

    1. Thank-you Maria, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Keep cool! x

  3. I so enjoy the videos, thank you. And I've bought some zucchini to try out your chocolate cake recipe, yum :)

    1. You are welcome Kellie and thank-you. Enjoy the slice! x

  4. What's in the bucket?
    Barley ?
    For hens?

    1. It is barley, and it's for the chickens and our milking cow also gets a few handfuls in her food. I wrote about how to sprout it here:

  5. Your video made my day! I can't stop smiling!
    It's been 118 in Arizona.

    1. That's lovely to hear Jackie! Stay cool x

  6. Thank you for sharing Sarah. I loved seeing your farm in action :)
    Kate x

  7. Once again, love, love, love your video. I think it's also the happy bouncy music that goes with it; always makes me smile. I've been over at Dolly Henry's too, at your encouragement. A lovely site as well. :)


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