Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Summer Days

The world around us is so beautiful at the moment. Everything is coming to life from the rain. Instead of dust and stubble we are surrounded by growing green grass. Yesterday the sky was the bluest blue, and dotted with the most perfect clouds. Everything looked so vibrant and pretty that I felt, for the first time, that I really do love summer as much as any other season.
Even though it was humid and hot, I couldn't help but appreciate the things that come with this season.
The herbs are going crazy in their terracotta pots after the rain. One mint plant that is in an old metal kettle has started growing out the spout and is branching out in all directions.
The grass in the paddocks is growing so quickly now, and it is in the house yard too. Rather than getting out the lawn mower, the sheep have moved down to the house for a few days to do the mowing for us. Our yard divides into two sections with a gate, so they get to graze the bulk of it and we'll just have to mow the little back section. I love having them down here at the house, and I think they enjoy the change of scenery too.
Rilla and Bambi are occupied with them for most of the day, lying on the verandah and gazing at their flock. Last night the lambs were running and jumping all around the yard, so I joined the dogs in watching them. It is amazing how those little lambs can just leap straight up in the air. They certainly skip around just like in a story book!

What are your days looking like?
Is your world green or brown, hot or cold?

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  1. Lovely to see your green surrounds Sarah. Your mint looks so healthy! Our world is brown and hot...we are hoping for rain any day! x

    1. I really hope you get some rain soon Jane! x

  2. Your place looks lovely. Doesn't the rain make such a difference? We are due for more today, so our place is looking lush and we don't need to get out watering! Bonus ...

    1. Thank-you Julie! Yes not having to water is lovely isn't it? Also I didn't have to fill the chicken's water for a week either as the rain kept it topped up :-)


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