Friday, January 08, 2016

Here & Now

Loving // That the cattle can now self-feed themselves from our paddocks. I hope the rain and grass keep coming
Eating // Passionfruit with yoghurt and coconut
Drinking // Homemade passionfruit cordial 
Feeling // A little incredulous that it is really January. Have we truly got the dates right? Is it really a new year, and 2016 of all years, which seemed so far away?
Making // More blanket squares....I told you they are addictive :-)
Thinking // About attacking my unruly basil bushes with the secateurs tomorrow after reading this
Dreaming // Of a cosy cabin to craft in (speaking of craft, have you heard of The Makers Year?)

On a gardening note, now is the perfect time to order some more summer seeds and maybe some autumn ones as well because Sow Grow Eat is offering you 20% off store-wide until the end of January. Yay! Use the code Hello2016 at checkout. In case you've yet to discover this delightful website "it's to help anyone with a thumb ( and who loves to eat) - no matter what the colour!" All the seeds are Organic or non-GMO too! I was quite excited when I discovered her wonderful business and her nifty tool for knowing what to plant when.

What is happening in your here & now? 

We're planning on weaning the lambs this weekend, so no doubt I'll be hearing lots of baa-ing.
I hope you have a great weekend,

Sarah x

PS If you'd like to blog your own Here & Now, make sure you link back here and leave a comment so that we can all see!

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  1. If I'd known I could have joined in your Here & Now. A much more manageable list.
    Never mind 2016 once seeming ages away, I can remember when we thought that in 2000 we'd be wearing silver spacesuits and eating pills instead of proper food.

    1. Maybe next time :-)
      Technology has certainly progressed in the last few decades but thankfully we still have normal clothes and food to eat :-)

  2. Your photos are just stunning Sarah x

  3. Wow Sarah I feel like a kid in a toy shop at the door of your blog, about to go and and look at everything on the shelves! I can't wait to read about your 100% spelt, as i have mastered the white loaf and want to try less gluten. Beautiful photos through which this wanna-be farmer's wife (married to a wanna-be farmer), might live a little vicariously! Lovely to find you via Fox's Lane.

    1. Hello Kirti - thank-you so much for your kind comment! It really made my day :-)
      I'll be sharing my 100% Spelt sourdough recipe here soon, hopefully this week.
      Sarah x


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