Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Apple Blossoms Once More

When the sheep ate the two apple trees until there was nothing but a pathetic stand of twigs left, I thought it might be the death of these young trees. But it wasn't.
I was happy to see them growing back plenty of foliage, and thought that maybe next year we'll get the apples instead of the sheep.
You can imagine my surprise when the trees began to pop out in blossoms for a second time! Who knew they would flower again?! And not only that, but they have more blossoms this time then they did the first time.
Perhaps the trees think their lives are in danger, and need to reproduce more this time round? (Like the theory of running into your mango tree with a lawn mower to make it fruit). Or maybe they benefited from a vicious prune? Whatever the reason, I'm really excited that it's flowering again, and flowering better this time around too.
Whether or not we'll be the ones to enjoy the apples the second time around, is yet to be determined.

One thing is for sure - I won't be trusting the sheep with the apples again!

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  1. Do your apples fruit in Queensland? Is it a variety that can take a warmer climate? I came across an apple tree in bushland last month and snapped off a twig. I didn't expect it to, but it's producing new leaves and I think it'll take root. I was worried it wouldn't fruit here on the Central Coast though. It's from a higher altitude - much cooler in winter.

    1. Hi Katie,
      Our growing climate in subtropical so are apples and peach trees are all tropical varieties.
      One of the apples is "Apple Anna" but I can't remember the other one's variety.
      I've eaten tropical apples before that were grown locally from a market stall and they were delicious :-)


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