Sunday, December 06, 2015

Here & Now

Loving // Summer evenings when the heat finally subsides and everything, from the plants and trees to the animals and us, breaths a sigh of relief and relaxes

Eating // Pigeon peas as lentils (they are delicious!), cold roast pork (homegrown) and too much sourdough

Drinking // Ginger beer and cold lemon and soda - hello summer!

Feeling // Very worn out and in need of a holiday

Making // Pretty pages in my visual journal, and metres and metres of lace 

Thinking // About what to make for dinner. The daily dilemma. Why is it sometimes my mind is brimming with meal ideas and others I am flat out thinking of something to make? Sometimes it's rather inconvenient having to eat!

Dreaming // Of Autumn already. My favourite season, the one I always long for and relish the most. Right now though I'd love a proper wet season. After a fewer dryer-than-usual years in a row I'm starting to forget what it's like to have soggy ground and endless rain.

What's happening in your here and now? 
Are you staying cool or trying to keep cosy? 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Sarah x

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  1. Lovely photos Sarah. It sure is feeling like summer here too. Your ginger beer drink sounds very refreshing...I might have to try that one x

  2. maybe make a pinterest page for your meal ideas to remind yourself about what your family has liked in the past and has worked so its easy for you to pick out? I loved the pic of the Red angus calf, my father in law farms them, organic, they are so cute! we had a really gentle red angus cow who was so sweet.

    1. That's a great idea Tara - thanks :-) Usually on nights like those I just don't actually feel like any meal in particular - which is annoying as I still get hungry! We ended up with a quick pasta sauce loaded with veggies, it was delicious!

      My experience with Angus has been wonderful so far. Our cattle are Australian Lowlines, which descend from 100% Angus. I really love them.

      Thanks for stopping by! x


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