Thursday, December 10, 2015

Evening Harvest + Stuffed Zucchinis

The other evening I harvested the first of this summer's zucchinis*. I purchased Black Jack seedlings from the nursery, but these have turned out to be something else entirely. They have the skin of a Black Jack but the shape of a Ronde de Nice. I think some accidental cross-pollinating might have happened at the seedling nursery!
Luckily I don't care what shape my veggies are, I'm just happy to have home grown. I accidentally let two of the zucchinis get quite large - the super hot days we've been having and nutrient dense soil these are planted in are responsible for that. No matter - being round these are perfect for stuffing. I prepared them for a weekend lunch with my family. They were delicious!

Here is a rough recipe of what I stuffed them with:

Cut two palm-sized round zucchinis in half and scoop out their flesh.
With the scooped out flesh I mixed:
- two slices of sourdough, broken into chunky breadcrumbs
- one small red onion (also homegrown), finely diced
- a handful of sage, roughly chopped
- a small grating of our homemade Romano cheese, which is quite strong, and a small handful of store bought Colby, plus extra
- a dash of verjuice
- two good dollops of plain greek yoghurt
- salt to taste

I put the scooped out zucchini cups into a square baking tray, filled them with the mixture, sprinkled with extra cheese and divided about a tablespoon of pure cream among each cup and baked at 180ºC for 40 minutes.
Serves 4

Whilst a dish like this is a little warming to eat in 35 degree weather, they were still delicious and thoroughly enjoyed!

Are you harvesting anything from your garden at the moment?
Do you have a favourite stuffing mixture?
Have a lovely day!

Sarah x

*Zucchini is also known as Squash if you're overseas :-)

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  1. I just love the sound of that stuffing! Yum .. I'm with you, I don't mind what shape or colour my homegrown is, it is just so good to have it! Love your Instagram ��


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