Sunday, September 13, 2015

Say Hello To Baby Jellybean

It may be getting dry and dusty but that doesn't stop the new life that comes with Spring. 
This little fellow was born on Friday and is our first calf this year. The amount of swelling udders and baby bellies on our property at the moment also means that Jellybean won't be the last. Be prepared for an overload of calf and lamb photos in the coming weeks.

I asked on Instagram for name suggestions but in the end my Mum and I decided we just had to call him Jellybean - because he's so little and sweet. Like all of our cattle (aside from the two dairy cows) he is an Australian Lowline. In case you don't know what a Lowline is and are thinking he looks tinier than usual, well that is because Lowlines are a small breed derived from Angus cattle. They aren't miniatures and have no dwarfing gene but they are more compact than regular cattle which is one of the reasons we love them!
Whether or not Jellybean will be registered for breeding later in life is yet to be determined. We'll have to watch him grow before making that call, but one thing is for certain - he is very loved not only by his doting mama but by us too.

I'm looking forward to having more four legged babies to share here with you soon.
Have a lovely Sunday



  1. Ohhhhh he's so beautiful!!! What a beautiful face! Looking forward to seeing more baby calf & lamb photos! Very sweet.

  2. awwwhh Jellybean you dotey dote!! welcome to the world! Hazel xxx


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