Friday, August 14, 2015

Sheep Work

Each night the Dorpers are locked into their little brick shed to keep them safe from wild dogs and dingoes. This daily duty falls on Rilla as little Bambi is still learning sheep work and is still learning in the controlled environment of the yards.

I have this one ewe, Sage, who is a royal pain every night as she is still very nervous around me so doesn't like being forced to be near me but isn't comfortable taking up the rear as that puts her near Rilla. So each and every night she continually breaks away from the flock and charges helter-skelter straight for the shed.

Now that I'm on the mend from my flu/laryngitis, I'm working really hard with Rilla to keep Sage in the flock and have all of the sheep arrive at the shed in a calm manner.

This evening Rilla was brilliant. She was in all the right spots at all the right times and Sage only managed one break away with a few followers of hers, but didn't even make it to the shed before Rilla was on the scene and had her back in the flock. 
The end result was one very proud Border Collie as she had nothing but continuous praise, one happy and unstressed owner and a flock of sheep that didn't risk broken legs as they filed very sedately into the shed in pairs. 
It was a job well done and it couldn't have made me happier.

Have a lovely weekend! x


  1. Congratulations Sarah and Rilla! Sheep dogs and sheep work are a work in progress, a lifetime of work I believe. With several thousand sheep and perhaps a few too many sheep dogs we are always working towards a happy balance! Your farm always looks so neat, tidy and wholesome.

    I hope you are feeling better and looking forward to a relaxing weekend x

    1. Thank-you for your kind comment Jane :-)
      Yes I agree that they are a work in progress forever, which is why I love continuing to learn about working dogs and enjoy attending workshops when I can. x


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