Friday, August 21, 2015

Here & Now

Loving // The beginnings of Spring and our little peach tree which is just covered in blossoms!

Eating // So much homegrown goodness....the veggie crisper is literally full of curly purple kale

Drinking // Our last glasses of Missy milk....after a disappointing wet season the paddocks are drying up super fast now the warmth is on the way, and Missy is struggling to feed the calf growing inside her along with us. We've had to make the hard decision to dry her up.

Wearing // Less layers but still jumpers and jackets - it's not warming up that fast!

Feeling // Grateful for the garden, the sunshine and the new season that is just around the corner

Making // Knitted squares and socks and other things...I think I'll have to do an end-of-winter knitting blog post

Dreaming // Of Spring lambs and little calves...the first of the cows are due to calve in September.

What's happening in your here and now? 
It's the weekend tomorrow. 
I hope you have a good one



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